8 yrs imprisonment awarded to Maryland Live Casino robber

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Maryland Live Casino had its operations brought to a standstill after a gentleman from Baltimore decided to engage in a robbery with violence to the Casino’s patrons. Reports from the prosecution desk have claimed that the robber who hailed from Baltimore aged 47 years tracked down the Maryland Live Casino patrons and didn’t hesitate to withdraw his gun pointing at them as he requested for their winnings.
Jose Hector Laguerre, who goes by alias Naheem Laguerre, was taken to the court and after being asked on how he pleaded, he didn’t have any choice but accept the charge that in September 2013, he and his co-robber Willie Fleming aged 37 were involved in a gunpoint robbery to eight casino patrons. Laguerre was handed an eight-year jail term in a federal prison.

At the same time, his co-robber Fleming didn’t escape the wrath of the prison as he had previously handed a prison sentence of not less than 11 years.

According to Lucius T. Outlaw, who was a representative of the defense team to Laguerre, his client had agreed to have conducted the malicious act on the fateful day. He (convict) claimed that he was genuinely sorry for his uncouth actions to his victims and added that he didn’t mean to inflict any harm onto them.

Laguerre and his compliance Fleming could not go against the substantial evidence which was in the form of a video clip that shows the two convicts following the eight patrons in and out f the casino. They would later track them down before they arrived at their homes and the parking lot, the two are seen withdrawing their guns and robbing the victims.

It was claimed that the robbers stole cash of $26,000, a check as well as other personal properties which included wallets, clothing, purses, credit card cell phones as well as jewelry. It was also alleged that Fleming intended to clear his marijuana debt as well as paying off betting with the stolen cash.

The incident happened between the 1st to 10th days of November 2013. Few days after, Fleming was put into custody and charged on drugs and gun with his car used as evidence for the robbery.

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