Get Up to €400 on a Winning Blackjack Run Only at Guts Casino

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At Guts Live Casino, you are now getting a chance to win more. They are giving you a chance to make bonus winnings to top your Blackjack wins every day. This means more to take back home. What is this exactly? Well, it is a one-time offer that will be gone before you can imagine.

Play Guts Live Games and Bet

The only thing you need to do in order to be eligible is to play one of Gut’s Live Blackjack Evolution games. This offer is valid every day, but not round the clock. You have to play these games only between 00:01 (CEST) and 23:59 (CEST) until 30/04/2019. That is a strict time period to play, after which, the offer would not be valid.

If you manage you nail a run of Blackjacks, then you are eligible for extra toppings on your actual Blackjack wins. The exact breakdown of the cash you shall get is given below.

  • If you get two Blackjacks in a row – you get €20.
  • If you get three Blackjacks in a row – you make €200.
  • If you manage four Blackjacks in a row – you make €300.
  • If you get five in a row – you have won €400.

So, what happens for more than one wins?

Eran Extra for More Than One Win

If you have made more than one wins on a single day, do not be skeptical. Guts will pay you on your best win, that is, for the most number of Blackjacks in a row, not the least. Also, you can understand that this entitles you for winning only one per day. SO, do not get lazy and start right now. There is more fun to come.

Where to Play?

Do not worry about that. You just have to search for Guts Casino online and you can find their website right away. There is a big button to create a new account on the top right corner. You can also look for other promotions and rewards on the top of the page.

What are the Rules?

Some of the rules are very common but you can still read them from the “Terms and Conditions” panel on the site. Here are some basic ones that you will find important.

You shall get your cash prizes by next day at 17:00 CEST during weekdays, but for weekends, you shall have to wait until Monday, same time.
You have to play and complete the consecutive Blackjacks in one sitting only. This means that leaving the table is not allowed.

What Would Happen in Case of a Tie?

There is also a rule for that. Suppose that the dealer and the player have both dealt Blackjacks, in such a case the result will be called a push. This means that this hand shall not be considered for the promotion.

Just remember that you need to have an account and deposited at Guts Casino to be eligible to even go for this promotion. You can make a qualifying deposit anytime during the entire Promotion Period.

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