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It has been almost a year since Evolution Gaming first wowed the online gaming community with its unique Live Lightning Roulette. The game which was initially presented at ICE 2018 in London has quickly built a massive following and can now be played at most online casinos featuring Evolution’s range.

Though every element of the package is genuinely impressive, the main reason Lightning Roulette has proven to be a huge success is its out-of-this-world multipliers. Why to settle for only 35:1 payout when there is an opportunity to win 500 times your stake – right?

It’s clear thousands of players around the world think so, and if you happen to be one of the few Roulette fans yet to try this amazing game, this detailed review will give you more than a few reasons to place a bet or two on Lightning Roulette the next time you visit your favorite Evolution Gaming casino.

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Lightning Roulette Game Rules and Payouts

Lightning Roulette uses a European roulette wheel with a single zero slot. After the betting time expires, the ball is sent spinning and one or more so-called lucky numbers randomly chosen along with their respective payouts. Once the ball comes to a stop, winning bets are paid and a new round begins.

As with any European Live Roulette game, players can place Inside and Outside bets, the first group including Straight Up (single number) bet, Split, Street, Corner and Line bets, and the other Column, Dozen, Red/Black, Even/Odd, and High/Low. Having won, they’ll be paid 17:1 for a winning Split bet, 11:1 for Street, 8:1 for Corner, 5:1 for Line, 2:1 for Column and Dozen bets, and 1:1 for even-money bets.

What Makes Lightning Roulette so Special?

Where Lightning Roulette differs is that regular Straight Up bets pay 29:1 instead of the usual 35:1. Why? Because of the above mentioned lucky numbers which are able to deliver a win worth up to 499:1.

Here is how it works. Behind the wheel, there’s a background consisting of numbered panels which represent potential outcomes of a spin and are accordingly colored red, black and green. As the ball starts circling along the wheel, your dynamic dealer will pull a lever to make the background disappear and 1, 2 or 3 special panels take its place. These are then populated by randomly chosen 0-36 numbers with multipliers of x50 to x500. Should the winning number happen to be one of the lucky ones selected for that round, players that have placed winning Straight Up bets will not win measly 29:1 but instead see their stakes multiplied x50, x100, x150, x200 or x500. Impressive, isn’t it?

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The User Interface and Gaming Experience

This Live Roulette game is different from all others in more ways than one. Lightning Roulette not only offers gigantic multipliers far bigger than any standard Roulette payout, but it also plays in a studio uniquely decorated in line with the lightning theme. Imposing pillars on either side, background panels, and the massive wheel stand serve as isolated sources of light which illuminate otherwise dark surroundings. Getting “struck by lightning” at specific moments adds to the overall drama, and so do somewhat spooky sound effects. A lively dealer with a microphone in hand acts like a TV show presenter, entertaining game participants in between inviting them to place bets and announcing round outcomes.

Evolution Gaming has implemented its standard user-friendly interface with multiple in-game options and helpful features. Players can use buttons in the upper right corner to launch Live Chat, switch views, adjust volume, display game rules, view their own gaming history, and manipulate video and audio settings. The computer-generated betting area is placed immediately below live stream, with the racetrack displayed to its right.

This is also where one can view detailed statistics covering the last 500 rounds. There’s a pie chart showing hot and cold numbers, percentage wins for even-money bets, and a grid with all winning numbers and lucky ones marked in gold. Tools have been provided for easy placement of Neighbour and other special bets such as Finale En Plein, Finales A Cheval, and Complete bets. One can also create and save their favorite bets for future use.

The Winning Roulette Strategy and Return to Player

Lightning Roulette has an RTP of 97.30%, same as any European Roulette game, and this theoretical return is based on an optimal strategy for Split, Street, Corner, Line, and all Outside bets. But if this is the variant you’ve chosen to play, you’ll probably be more interested to learn about the win potential of Straight Up bets, or rather which strategy to employ in order to benefit from generous lucky numbers.

As soon as the game was released, both players and experts started discussing “bet-all-numbers” approach and many have dubbed it “the winning strategy”. Is that really the case? To start with, we’ll remind you of the good old saying “the house always wins”, which in other words means there is no bulletproof strategy which will guarantee you’ll generate a profit each and every time. Not with Lightning Roulette nor with any other casino game. However…

If betting on all available numbers over and over again, players will occasionally hit lucky numbers and win special multipliers, and if playing long enough, they’ll eventually get to celebrate a 500x win. What no one can guarantee is that, by the end of their playing session, there’s going to be more money in their casino account than there was at the beginning. That’s up to frequency and size of multipliers in combination with the player’s available budget, so in the end, it’s down to luck. Let’s do a bit of math to explore this further.

When simultaneously betting on all numbers, the worst case scenario is a regular payout of 29:1 plus your stake back. That means a €1 wager per individual number will necessitate a €37 investment with the profit of €29 plus €1 the original bet which is returned to the player. Clearly, you’d be thus losing €37 per round. The best case scenario is that the winning lucky number receives a multiplier of x500 and the round generates a profit of €500. The only thing to keep in mind is that maximum multipliers come up rarely and the ones you’ll get to see most often are those of x50 and x100. There are no rules and no indicators as to the frequency each of the available multipliers appears; the only tool one can use is game statistics. Let’s check a real example.

Over 200 rounds, the winning number was one of the lucky ones 19 times, or in close to 10% of the rounds played. Out of those 19 occasions, the attached multiplier was x100 eight times, x50 six times, x200 three times, and x150 and x500 once. If you had played those 200 rounds while betting €1 per number, you would have invested 200x €37 or €7,400 in total. On the profit side, there would have been 181 rounds without lucky number which would bring back €30 per round or €5,430, and those 19 rounds with a winning lucky number earning you 8x €100 + 6x €50 + 3x €200 + 1x €150 + 1x €500 – a total of €2,350. Overall, the casino would have paid you €7,780, meaning you’d have been €380 up. The good news – there’s a profit! The strategy works! And if you had started betting at the right moment and won the biggest multiplier early on, this profit could have been significantly bigger.

Before you get excited, take this into consideration: if that single 500x multiplier didn’t come through, you would have made a loss. A brief glance at the game’s statistic board shows there’s no pattern and no rules as to when multipliers are applied. Sometimes they’ll pay several times over a dozen consecutive rounds, and other times 10 rounds will play without a single one. Once again, we’re back to the luck issue. So what’s one to do?

One option to explore for those who enjoy the thrill of live casino games is to try Live Suomalainen Ruletti Evolution. This exciting variation of roulette offers a unique twist to the traditional game, providing players with an engaging and immersive experience. With live dealers, real-time gameplay, and the chance to interact with other players, Live Suomalainen Ruletti Evolution adds an extra layer of excitement to the world of online gambling.

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Tips for Playing Lightning Roulette

By all means, use the opportunity this exciting Roulette game offers and try scoring a few generous multipliers, but don’t count on Lightning Roulette becoming a regular source of income. Rather than chase a doubtful “winning strategy”, apply tips which are equally valid for most table games.

1. Manage your bankroll

Before placing the very first bet, decide what is the maximum amount you’re willing to (potentially) lose. We all dream or winning tons of cash and no one starts playing a casino game thinking they’ll gamble all their money away. But it does happen and it can just as easily happen to you. Stay in control by setting a limit, and should the house collect your entire budget set for that particular gaming session, walk away. You can always try again later on, the next day or the following week.

2. Stay mindful of common pitfalls

You have surely heard the term “to chase one’s losses”. Losing while gambling hurts, we’ve all experienced that. And there’s that darn hope that the next round, or the next few rounds, may bring all the money back and more. One thus continues placing bets in the hope a loss will turn into profit and all will be well. Often enough, players instead end up losing more than they can afford. Riding a “winning streak” may not have as disastrous results if you know when to stop; otherwise, you’ll eventually hit a losing streak and we’re back to square one.

3. Use freebies smartly

The online gaming scene is full of tempting deals offering to double your budget and there’s nothing wrong in taking a good deal, just make sure it really is a good deal. Are the related wagering requirements fair or next to impossible to meet? Can they be met by playing live games, including Lightning Roulette? Will all bet types contribute? Chasing 500x multipliers might require a larger amount of money than what you’ve got in your pocket so bonuses could help. One only needs to be aware of the attached conditions.

Some Important Reads:

Where to Play Lightning Roulette?

Being the uncontested leader, Evolution is frequently the operator’s first choice for their Live Casino section, and owing to the popularity of this game, the majority of online casinos that stock Evolution Gaming products will also offer Lightning Roulette. Some are more reliable than others, more fun to play at, offer a better choice of special deals, and/or make faster payouts. If not sure which one to choose, we’d recommend you to try Bitstarz or Leo Vegas. At Bitstarz Casino, Lightning Roulette table has limits of €0.20-€2,000 and players can place Straight Up bets of between 20 cents and €500. What’s more, the operator regularly organizes exclusive live gaming promotions which might make the experience all the more enjoyable. Meanwhile you can check for live casino no deposit bonus India.

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In conclusion, BitStarz is a pleasant surprise. It certainly isn’t just another mundane online and live dealer casino that’s shouting “Bitcoin games here!” from the rooftops. The brand is genuine and flaunts a solid game collection highlighted by a massive quantity of slots and a polished live dealer lobby. Its pros continue with free withdrawals, creative promos and bonuses, cash prizes and flawless mobile functionality. Proven fairness and notable accreditation make BitStarz a smart choice indeed.