Mobile Social Gamers vs Web Social Gamers

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The popularity of mobile social gaming and mobile casinos has grown drastically and many have been left wondering if there may be any difference between web social gamers and mobile social gamers. This basically involves the difference between those players who game on mobile and those who play online. The research to identify this difference was conducted by the Optimove researches and had outstanding conclusions.
The research indicated that social gamers with 96% have preferred different modes of play with 65% of these preferring to play via mobile platforms over web. There was evident outcome that mobile gamers have progressed fast in the paying clients with more payments being made which has resulted in consistence mode of play with several sessions being undertaken per play. It was also seen that more often than not, mobile players will deposit in a ten day interval as compared to the fourteen day interval deposit made by web players.

Despite playing more frequently, the mobile players have not even on one occasion beaten the web clients as retention rates is average. Firms should put into consideration this statement as to whether to incorporate both online and mobile casinos to their platforms.

As claimed earlier, 96% of the players have been found to rely heavily on a single platform. However, there is also the remaining 4% who have portrayed their passion in both mobile gaming as well as web gaming. Despite it being a tiny fraction, good things have come along the way. Consequently, it was noted that the multi-platform player has showcased a phenomenal conversion rate and surpasses the single platform player by 3.9 times. Moreover, a multi-platform player stands a chance of making a 20% payment more than his compatriot in the single platform.

The main reason for this is that a multi-platform player will basically create some gaming time as opposed to a single platform player who plays without any base strategy. This gives a crucial idea to various firms who should incorporate both platforms for their clients in the maximization of profits. They can give incentives to client to shift from playing on single platforms to multi platforms.

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