Online Casino charged with rustled Netent cognitive content

Netent cognitive content

A number of allegations have been subjected to certain casino groups. There are rumors that these groups have been stealing very crucial games from certain providers. That’s when some of online gaming sites such as Casinomeister have decided to look into the matter. This made them direct certain warnings to some brands.

These brands include: Affpower, Conan Gaming Limited and lastly Game Tech Group N.V. Casinomeister and other sites have accuse these online casino groups saying that there` hosting stolen games from NetEnt (who’s the provider).This games are fake.

There came a need to search whether these accusations were true or false. The search couldn’t be dependent because it could raise a lot of concern to the outside world. So an independent search was performed. This was to bring out the content theft. The high influx to the casinos bonuses clearly shows that these groups have been stealing games from NetEnt. If one has been a keen follower of casino games, he or she may have noticed that there has been a slight change of the network jackpot. One can notice that casino portals which have been pirated have a lower network jackpot than the expected. A video blog which is uploaded in YouTube has been used to simplify the stealing of games. This is an over view said by Casino portal online. These pirated games are the ones online gaming information sites are accusing some online casino groups of.

Those who play online may think that these sites are doing a bad thing by exposing these groups. The only thing they fail to notice is that by exposing this site a lot of bad reputation which could be subjected to the players is ruled out. As these games are stolen, exposing them helps the gaming industries as well from the serious laws under which sthese casinos are governed. To clear up everything and prevent doubts, both operators concerned that is NetEnt and licensing jurisdiction have been alerted are seriously looking into the matter.

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