Online Gambling Fraudsters Beware – You Are Being Watched

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The DGE or Department of Gaming Enforcement of New Jersey made public some documents regarding a player who committed some frauds in its casinos five years back. This recent news marks a momentum in surveillance on frauds at casinos even through internet gambling. But, what makes this worthy of hearing out is the kind of security that was bypassed in the casinos involved.

While the online internet gaming is as old as five years by now, the frauds were committed on virtual casinos that were shielded by multiple layers of security because of the digital world is kind of built that way. In another way, it means that you leave a trace that can be used to tack you back, given enough time, of course. Surveillance also means monitoring for suspicious activities.

A Complex Network of Digitally Verified Sources

The use of miniature cameras all around the casinos or security personnel keeping an eye on people is okay. But, digitally verified sources have served enormous evidence that can be investigated much later, even for five years after the frauds. With the help of the complex web of digital verification of sources, a profile can be created for every online player. When the profile is built, it includes details as small as time and duration of stay as well as bank details, SSN, credit, and everything history, social media profiles and so much more, all acquired in stealth mode.

“An intricate and complex network of clues”

But, not just that, you can even physically verify the location of a player within yards thanks to GPS technology combined with IP addresses and other things. The verification of digital certificates and protocols that take place every second has helped us all the time. If not for the digitization and the manner it works, it would be extremely difficult to find anything at all.

However, that doesn’t mean that committing a crime or fraud is actually impossible. It just means that you cannot guarantee that you will not be caught. It may be easy to perform the fraud with great skills in technology, as the player from California was confident about. But, with the traces left, sooner or later you can be caught or traced back. The question is: how much effort, time and money you are willing to spend?

The Red Flag Needs to be Raised

It is not possible to keep tracking these digital traces forever though, so if a casino is suspicious, it needs to raise a red flag. In this case, too, the proper process as in procedure was followed by DGE as soon as the intimation was received. Then, the department called GeoComply that is responsible for providing location information of iGaming operators were contacted. Both began focusing their effort investigation all the data. It was important to get all the parts of the puzzle until a coherent enough story was available. Once this was achieved, the accounts worth some $90,000 were immediately frozen.

The Regulated Online Gambling Industry

The job of regulating an online internet gaming industry to avoid any fraud is an impossible thing because given enough money and effort security breaches are possible. But, on the other hand doing the same can also backtrace the location, and if lucky, the criminal too. Circumventing New Jersey’s regulatory norms to commit a fraud is one of the many cases that happen or can happen around us. Constantly refining those “multiple layers of security”, upgrading systems is the only way to reduce the chances of such frauds from reappearing.

To the end of strengthening security, even getting alerted as early as possible can help.

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