Online Gambling looks better for EU in 2016

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2015 has seen a lot when it comes to online gambling regulations and licensing. Europe has had a successful year and has been great in navigating through some of the greatest issues that were arching the EU integration. One thing that made the governments and operators succeed despite the tight regulations would be adaptation.
There are various issues regarding regulation that were brought into actions and they will need sifting. One of the regulations would be the E tax on the digital services, as well, as the point of consumption in the UK which is seen to take up a huge portion of the profit margins earned by operators. This would be one of the issues that are making new entrants shy away. EU has offered a platform where new members from any of the countries that are members can join and have their rates and policies consolidated as long as they have a regulation structure.

Some of the EU nations that are being faced by bad economic times have come up with some regulation models which seemed to be economic relief bills to the union. Portugal which is currently going through some cash problems was to get into an agreement on a new online gambling bill in June that would see its casino and poker revenues get taxed at 15-30% on the operators’ income yearly but the former monopoly operator was set off 50% of this new rate of tax.

Italy and Romania got an approach that would serve their economy well. They got lower tax rate offers which were meant to boast their economy and shrink the unregulated online gambling market.

France, Spain and Italy held talks on the online poker liquidity sharing which came up after the notion of having markets that were integrated was aired.

Every time there is an online gambling regulatory success, there is equal opposite reactions as there are conservative bills being passed in Italy and more EU countries like Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

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