Over $700,000 with Just 3 Blackjack Hands Won by a BitStarz Player

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In another unbelievable game at BitStarz, which is popular for being fair to players, a whopping $720,192 was won. Blackjack is the most popular game at casinos, both online as well as offline. And, live dealers are not impossible to beat, with the tiny house edge they have got. Yet, with strategy and luck, one of the players at BitStarz Casino made that unseemingly impossible task, possible.

It sent ripples down the arena right away. Salon Privé Blackjack tables are the ones for big wins, and definitely, this player was able to find his name jotted down in their hall of fame. It is going to take a hell lot of effort, and maybe that much amount of luck to beat it or get another one. In just three hands, this is an incredible thing to happen in the world of casinos that are increasingly getting difficult to win.

Three Big Hands

This cumulative win was spread across three tables, that day. First, the mighty player won $230,766 (43.88 BTC) from the Salon Privé Blackjack Table 1. He then headed over to the other table where he again claimed a similar fortune around $221,186 (42 BTC). Of course, this had already increased his appetite more than enough. Finally, he landed on the Salon Privé Blackjack Table 3 where he claimed another, last, cool $268,240 (51 BTC). This was the end of the magnificent show at the arena. If there was someone else, they might have backed out after the first win. But, not this guy.

What Was The Key To This Effort?

It has been analyzed that using Bitcoins, casinos are giving away large wins these days in order to encourage people to use BTC. Therefore, BTC play was indeed the key to this huge wins. Also, this means that you can carry a huge amount of money in Bitcoins or BTC without going over the limit of the table. That makes it easy to place large bets too. But, this was nothing if you remember the record win made by a player in March.

That single spin, yes, and a single spin, ended up giving him $1.35 million or 354.24 BTC. That record is still remembered as the luckiest fellow on the planet. This also helps us remember that casinos can help make your future, a life-changing amount in your bank can get you so much, maybe make your days better.

At BitStarz, they offer a plethora of games in various sections, including the most popular Blackjack too. And, you can now carry huge sums of money in various BTC coins such as Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether. They support all these payment formats that playing games and having fun is just a step away.

Always Match Your Bitcoin as You Deposit

Depending on how much you deposit, you can get up to 5 BTC or $500 on your next deposits. At BitSarz you get 20 free spins with just joining and creating an account. With Reload Mondays, you can make even more money.

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