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US players and the high rollers in the live casino industry can testify to Evolution Gaming excellence. The company’s games for online casinos range from game shows to blackjack, and many more. Known for its quality casino experience and splendid betting options, the company still has many surprises to offer.

Live Auto Roulette VIP is one of the most fantastic live casino games from Evolution Gaming. If you’re one of those US players searching for nonstop activity on a roulette game or roulette variants, try live roulette VIP. The live blackjack game is a version of European roulette designed specifically for you.

In this post, we’ll discuss the different VIP roulette offers that this game has for you. This is the perfect guide for new players and high rollers alike to start playing auto roulette VIP with ease.

Live Auto Roulette VIP Game by Evolution Gaming

Auto Roulette VIP was developed by Evolution Gaming and released in 2016. Its design leans toward the virtual rather than the physical for the maximum casino experience. The screen is focused on the betting table and a miniature auto roulette wheel which is visible in the upper left corner.

The top end VIP environment of Auto Roulette VIP provides unmatchable game speed as proven by Evolution Gaming. Auto Roulette VIP can generate up to 80 rounds per hour when playing. Unlike some other tables, there are no set hours when this live table is accessible. You can play VIP roulette at any time, day or night, seven days a week.

Live Auto Roulette VIP by Evolution Gaming caters to the requirements of players who want to play frequently but shun rng solutions. Moreover, the real wheel game is based on the regulations established in Europe, so don’t worry about the rules.

Players shouldn’t count on a live dealer in Auto Roulette VIP tables. Instead, a slingshot is used to repeatedly propel the ball when the wheel stops rotating. The betting tables may not seem as plush as the others. Still, Live Auto Roulette VIP tables are designed for serious gamblers and professional dealers to play, not casual hangouts.

What is the Difference Between Auto Roulette VIP and Other Live Roulette Games Online?

The absence of a human player is what sets this version of the popular gambling game apart from other high limit roulette. Auto Roulette is not designed for social play; rather, it caters to high-stakes gamblers who value speed over conversation. VIPs can make wagers of up to $20,000 at a time, but the game is suitable for players of all financial means. Surprisingly, the game’s betting limits were only $0.20 for the minimum.

Roulette Features

Standard European roulette has 37 numbered slots and a solitary zero in auto roulette systems. Those who are familiar with the game of roulette will know that a European wheel features a total of 36 slots. Straight-up chances yield 35 to 1 and are available alongside the more traditional wagers.

Betting Features

If you want to make a bet, you’ll notice the different amounts of chips down at the bottom of the screen. Just put your chips where you want to bet them using the drag-and-drop interface. The fully automated wheel will fire a ball onto it, hopefully landing on a winning number. All players have access to 360-degree views of the table and wheel.

For other live gaming products, many of these features are not present. Some live games are more difficult to control. Others lack the special features that enhance the casino experience. Also, unlike VIP roulette live casino, other online casino games work with a live dealer and allow side bets.

Auto Roulette is very identical to standard online roulette, with the main variation being the enormous bet placeable. To aid you in placing your next bet or next spin, your device will show you the most recent numbers generated by the wheel. Although it appears to be a computer-generated game, the roulette ball is in fact physical.

Finally, in the VIP Roulette game, the online casino has a 2.70% advantage over the player. This is a little percentage compared to higher figures from any other table or casino.

Special Features of Live VIP Roulette Games

Although the rules of roulette are fairly normal, VIP Roulette sets itself apart with its premium features. A live messaging feature allows participants to have real-time conversations with the others on game play.

The viewpoint, recording quality, and audio/visual options of VIP Roulette are all customizable by the player. A “deal now” option and a “spin now” button are available in the game tables. The player is given substantial agency over the game’s tempo via these features.

VIP Roulette also allows players to view past winning numbers. Players can save their favorite wagers and make neighbour bets. Furthermore, there is an Autoplay option that lets players have subsequent wagers placed immediately after the initial one.

Finally, VIP Roulette is now fully optimized for play across laptop, tablet, and mobile platforms. This is great news for mobile and tablet users who love to play casino games on the go.

How to Play the VIP Live Roulette Game Online

To play Live VIP roulette, you only need to follow some little steps. Here’s what to know to begin playing Auto Roulette VIP:

  • The betting limits at this table are appropriately lofty. This reflects the fact that Live Auto Roulette VIP is intended for high-stakes participants only. It’s great for high rollers, but the lowest bet taken is only $0.20, which is surprisingly low, as earlier stated. Yet, high-rollers can wager up to $20,000.
  • You can place bets in a few easy steps. You just have to pick a chip size and drop one or more chips onto the playing area of choice. You can place neighbour bets, inside bets, and other favourite bets. There are no side bets available. The bet payouts vary from 1:1 to 35:1. After the wheel has begun to turn, bets can still be put, but once it begins to slow, no more bets can be made.

Why You Should Play VIP Live Roulette by Evolution

If you’re familiar with Roulette, you’ll find the Auto Roulette VIP mode just as enthralling. In roulette, players can wager on either a single number or a range of digits. The numbers and hues are additional betting options, so you stand to gain more.

Roulette has a reputation as a high-stakes game where players can quickly make or lose a lot of money. In roulette games at online casinos, this is crucial information to keep in mind. However, at Evolution Gaming’s roulette games, you can rest assured that this is not your problem.

You’ll only ever encounter the most exciting and varied gaming experiences possible. The high betting limits here aren’t just for big rollers. They are for everyone who wants to try out any strategy they like!

You can also save your favourite bets and access them directly from the betting table. These statistics are perfect for making a fast change in betting methods or placing a stake replacement.

In addition, players can view detailed game statistics such as hot and cool streaks, previous scores, and more. Both new and experienced players will appreciate the VIP table’s additional settings at the table’s footer.

Where to Play Evolution Live VIP Roulette

There are numerous casinos where live roulette with or without a live dealer thrives beyond control. These casinos are usually free and accessible on your mobile devices and systems. Some of our recommended online casinos for VIP roulette are listed below:

  • Salon Prive: – Though it might not be the best of the best for live roulette, it sure offers the game in its best shape. As usual, you just have to place your bets, watch the spin in the live dealer absence and enjoy as it hits your winning number.
  • BetSafe Casino: – This is another brilliant casino for VIP roulette that is free as well with a top-notch experience of the game. There are multiple table games available in this casino and you’ll love to see how VIP roulette plays out here.
  • 32Red Casino: – As with BetSafe, 32Red is Evolution Gaming’s very own casino. Here, you can play your favourite bets on VIP roulette and enjoy your massive game winnings.

Play VIP Live Roulette for Real Money Today!

Are you the player who prefers random number generator (RNG) roulette games? Do you prefer fast-paced gaming over the typically sluggish gameplay of normal live dealer tables? If yes, then you will enjoy Evolution Gaming’s Live Auto-Roulette VIP.

A total of 80 games can be played per hour on this table, and it’s available around the clock, every day of the week. You can even play on a desktop, notebook, and mobile platforms. The house advantage is a manageable 2.70% because the game is played on a single-zero configuration. All these are massive qualities, indeed.

Those seeking a VIP experience, high-stakes betting, and minimal downtime between games will find what they’re looking for on Live Auto-Roulette VIP. Still, remember to play responsibly – that should remain your massive strategy at any online casino.

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