Live Dragon Tiger

The Dragon Tiger game originated in Cambodia and has been liked by the Asian players in land-based casinos. However, the game is playable at online casinos giving any player a chance to give it a try. The Dragon Tiger game has a special resemblance with Baccarat as a player doesn’t play against the dealer but rather chooses a hand to bet on.

The game has decks ranging from 6 to 8 and has one card is compared to either a Tiger or a Dragon with no additional card being incorporated. This makes it’s more similar to Casino Wars.

In Dragon Tiger game, a player just places a bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger. The dealer will reveal the two dealt cards with the highest card winning it all. The main rule here is that all Aces are deemed to be low cards. If the two hands have the same value card, the game becomes a tie and the house will be awarded half the waged amount. Here the playing mode is easy as no rules are required. Players will only make a guess on a hand and place their wage there.

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Moves Made

A player has two basic moves in the game. A player can either bet on the Dragon or the Tiger. The highest card, in this case, will have the payouts. There is also the tie bet which requires a player to wage in scenarios of the two cards revealed having the same value. Tie bets have a payout of 8:1. However, they attract a house edge of 32.7% and this will call for avoidance to the tie bet.

Small and big bets also apply here as players will have to wage on whether the Dragon or the Tiger is over 7 for big bet or under 7 for a small bet. If the value is exactly 7, a player loses the bet.

Tactics and Suit Bets of Dragon Tiger

Suit bets usually come with 3:1 payout for a correct suit. A player will go for a Dragon or a Tiger clearly stipulating which suit the revealed card will be. However, if a 7 is revealed, a player will lose the bet.

Despite being deemed as a game based on luck, a player can employ some basic tactics in Dragon Tiger. First, a player should be able to know the number of cards that have been dealt and the ones remaining on the deck. One main advantage applies to the player playing in a 6 deck shoe where few cards are used and this makes it easier to count the cards. Suits withdrawn in each play should be the thing to watch out here. Winning chances are increased once three in the four suits have appeared in one suit.

Side Bets

One of the things that really interest a gambling enthusiast to try out the Live Dragon Tiger is the side bets. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy bigger wins.

  • Tie Bet

If your cards that are equal in the ranks, then you can be eligible for an 11:1 tie bet payout. No matter what suit is drawn, you can enjoy this payout.

  • Suited Tie Bet

If you get the drawn cards to be having the equal rank as well as the suit, then it is a win-win situation for you. For example, getting the dragon and the tiger card to be 5 of diamonds will ensure suited tie wager. You will get a 50:1 payout. You need to part with 50% of the initial wager back. As a participant, you need to be waiting for this wagering benefit as the play is played using a shoe that comes with 8 card decks.

Tips on How to Play and Win in Live Delaer Dragon Tiger

Table and cards games have been popular among various players. With this, a number of software providers have had an opportunity at hand in bringing, in reality, the most outstanding live dealer games. Dragon Tiger is one of these unique games. Originating in Cambodia, the game has been very popular among Asian nations. Dragon Tiger doesn’t involve playing against a dealer as it resembles Baccarat where players have to select the lucky hand. Nonetheless, the game is slightly different to Baccarat as it is only a single card that can be dealt one time after the other.

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Be Skilled in Placing Bets

This game is among the easiest to play. Nonetheless, common sense is involved in neglecting the process of betting in Dragon Tiger. The two cards; Dragon or Tiger are waged and pay to the highest ranking card. All Aces are low cards. The house will always have half the waged amount no matter the place a bet in a tie. There are about 86,000 expected results and from these, 6,000 will be ties which are given to the house bringing an edge of 3.73%.

Incorporating Dragon Tiger Strategies

There are a number of techniques that can be used while playing in a live dealer casino. As for Dragon Tiger, counting cards is the best option to use as one will have an idea on the number of cards left on the deck. With this, a player can make a wise decision in having increased winning chances as one will be able to have an outstanding record in keeping track of the four suits. The suit bet will rely on this technique. Nonetheless, one should keep in mind that the game is usually played in 8 decks which will often be jumbled up at deck four.

Other Winning Ways

Other than having the Tiger, Dragon, tie and Suits bets, there are other forms of winning ways that can be incorporated to increase winning opportunities. The two other betting options are Big and Small bets. For Big bets, a player will bet on basis that the card dealt will be more than 7 and Small best involves a card being less than 7. This bet will be accompanied by 7.69% house edge in the casino.

Having this basic knowledge, players have a chance of winning big when playing in Dragon Tiger game.

Closing Thoughts

There is no doubt that this live gambling title from Evolution Gaming is well thought out and innovative. Its immersive gameplay is sure to drive plenty of gamblers as it is fast paced and will not bore the participants. The Live Dragon Tiger from Evolution Gaming has upped the game like anything with its massive multiplayer scalability. This gives a chance for more and more participants to try their luck out.

Betting on Tiger or Dragon

This forms the basic as well as the best betting option in the game. It does well to all players wishing to play without any card counting or any format but to maintain Tiger and Dragon bets. With 3.73% on house edge bets, this option will pay more when incorporating the Tiger hand or the Dragon hand.

Counting Cards to be a better match in Live Dragon Tiger

There are few cards involved in this game and hence a player is able to know the number of cards that have been dealt with by the dealer. Moreover, a player is able to keep an eye on the 7s dealt as having any 7 in a game means a draw which replicates to a loss.

Incorporating a Suit-based tactic

Most consider Dragon Tiger a game that is based on luck. However, it can also be won via a strategic point of view. The main idea here is to make sure that you have an idea of the specific suit that has been dealt with more often. Making a calculation on the number of suits dealt and the ones remaining on the deck is crucial to strike a win.

Don’t engage in Tie Bet

The tie bet usually pays a massive 8 to 1 and its main agenda is making players big bucks. On the other hand, it comes along with a house edge of 32.77% in a bet. This is how the Tie Bet becomes rare to win. There are a total of 86,320 hand combinations. Out of these, only 6,488 are suitable ties. This means that there are 79,872 chances that you will lose in this bet. Worse still, there are just 1,456 ties to have ever been won and hence making it the hardest win to crack.

Disengage Betting Systems in Dragon Tiger

One may think that incorporating the betting system in Dragon Tiger can be the strategic agenda to win big. However, this format has never had any winner who scoops it all in casino games. It’s advisable to avoid betting systems at all costs.

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