Play Live Dealer Poker Online

Live Poker is one of the popular card games in various parts of the world.

In fact, different poker games have become the preferred mode of entertainment and casino gambling these days. As such, poker has not only turned into a great success but a great business.

Live poker is ground-breaking in the history of poker. It has developed online gambling. Players can now access different poker games and interact directly with best live casino dealers from the comfort of their homes. Since poker is an interesting game to play, it has become the topic of discussion in people’s lives.

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Variations of Live Dealer Poker

On the deck of 52 cards, each deck has 4 suits, the Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, and Heart. The four kings on the card represent the four great kings in history. The king of clubs represents Alexander the Great; a king of spades symbolizes David, the king of Israel; the King of Hearts represents the king of France, Charlemagne; and Kind of Diamonds is the Emperor of Rome, Caesar Augustus.

Live Casino 3 Card Poker

Live Casino 3 Card Poker is a fast-paced game which combines two classic card games, Blackjack and Poker. In the game invented in 1990s players are to beat the house, that is to say, the dealer, by creating the best poker hand out of three cards. Live Casino Three Card Poker is streamed from land-based casinos or studios and played at the tables hosted by real dealers thus providing players with a genuine casino atmosphere and an unparalleled gaming experience. Learn the basic rules and tips to make a better score.

How to Play

Once you have registered with an online casino that offers Live Casino 3 Card, fund your account to start playing. As the game starts, the player should place an ante bet. This way the player bets that their hand will be better than the dealer’s hand. The player can also play an additional pair plus bet which grants them a payout if they create a hand with a pair to a straight flush. Upon placing the bet(s), the player is dealt 3 cards. With a hand higher than Q, 6 and 4, the gambler should place a play bet which is equal to the ante bet. If a hand consists of the cards of a lower rank, you should fold.

Opting for the fold, the player loses the bet. When the player makes a pair plus wager, they will win if their hand is created with a pair or the higher ranking cards combination. The dealer has to create a hand with Q or better to qualify which enables the players to beat the house.

Strategy and Tips

The most important thing when playing Casino 3 Card Poker is to know when to play or fold. Due to the low house edge, the player has the best chances of winning when placing ante bets. Avoid placing pair plus bets until your bankroll is stable and try not to exceed it. Whenever you have a hand higher than Q, 4 and 6, you should raise your wager. This is the optimal strategy you should use while playing Live Casino 3 Card Poker. As it is a fast-paced card game, don’t let anything distract you while placing your bets and making moves. Since the live version of the game does not allow you playing in practice mode, you should make your decisions wisely and responsibly as you can lose your money by not doing so.

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Advantages of 3 Card Poker

Due to its quite easy rules Live Casino 3 Card Poker is one of the most popular casino games. While playing it you will enjoy live streaming in full HD quality and you can interact with the dealer as if you are at a table in a land-based casino. This version of the game provides you with the thrills of playing 3 Card Poker in a brick-and-mortar casino without leaving the comfort of your home. As the game is operated by a live dealer instead of the random number generator, there will be no fear of manipulating the gameplay which makes the game perfect for all the suspicious players out there.

Live Casino Holdem Poker

Being the latest addition to online casinos, live Poker and even for specific countries such as live casino Malaysia or MY bring the genuine atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos to your home. Live Casino Holdem Poker is one of the games available at tables hosted by professional live dealers which will make you feel comfortable once you join them. Casino Holdem was introduced to land-based casinos as a game based on Texas Holdem at the beginning of the 21st century and its popularity increases ever since. In this guide, we will provide you with the most important aspects of the game so that you can start playing it at your favorite casino.

How to Play

The first thing you should know about Live Casino Holdem Poker is that you cannot play it in free play mode. That means that you have to register with an online casino to your liking which offers live dealer tables and make a valid deposit. Once you have set up your account, go and find the game to place your bet. Holdem Poker is a card game in which you have to beat the dealer and not other players. Each hand begins with placing an ante bet. You will be dealt 2 cards face-down and 3 face-up cards will be placed at the central part of the table or the flop. These are so-called community cards which are shared among the players.

At this point in the game, you should fold or raise. If you fold, you will lose your bet. If you raise, the call bet will be the doubled ante bet. When the raise bets are placed, the dealer will place additional 2 cards face-up on the table. The dealer shows their cards and to qualify to play they must have a hand of 4s or better. The objective of the game is to create a better hand than the dealer’s and win a prize according to the pay table.

Holdem Poker Strategy and Tips

Most Casino Holdem games have a house edge of around 2.00% and it can vary depending on the rules of a certain casino or the gamblers’ performance. That’s why it is important to develop and implement a good strategy so that you can beat the dealer. The crucial point of the game is when you are to decide whether you will fold or raise by doubling your ante bet.

If you have a hand consisting of low-rank cards which cannot be connected and the cards on the flop cannot help you create at least a pair, you should fold. However, if you have cards of a higher value, you should consider raising. Placing side bets is not recommended as it increases the house edge up to 6%.

Advantages of Live Casino Holdem Poker

Live Casino Holdem Poker provides you with a gaming experience closest to the one offered at brick-and-mortar casinos. If you are a skeptic about the fairness of the gameplay and the way the random number generator operates the game, this type of casino games will make you believe the dealer and the casino you play at as the game unfolds right in front of your eyes. The low house edge is another reason why you should give Live Casino Holdem Poker a try.

General Rules of Playing Live Poker

Playing poker for the first time can be a little bit intimidating. However, when you follow the rules and procedure while playing a live poker match, you will become a better poker player.

The first thing you need to do before playing is to distinguish your type of game, is it a limit or no-limit game? In limit poker, you are limited to how much you can raise in each pot. A limit game only allows you to raise the amount up to the one that is currently in the pot. As such, players should only play with solid hands. On the other hand, the no-limit game allows players to go “all-in” anytime and the dynamic of the game changes frequently.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most common versions such as Omaha and Hold’em are played with blinds. This implies that players do not have to bet on every hand. However, you must place an initial bet on both the small and the big blind. This enables players to fold unnecessary hands without losing any money compared to an ante.

Knowing your position in the game is also a critical part of any winning strategy. It is important to know the betting position of your current hand and the implications it has on the game.

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Why Play Live Poker

Live poker rooms have been clever to set low stakes and a number of freerolls for new players. This is a great way for new players to enhance their poker skills and build on their bankrolls. As such, making this kind of poker less of a financial risk with great rewards.

Another benefit of playing live poker is the ability of players to directly communicate with the dealers through chat option. Besides that, they can also communicate with other poker players. Therefore, even if you lose at the table, you will have had a great time at the table

Live poker rooms have a much higher rake and fees compared to ordinary poker rooms. This is what even makes it more interesting if you beat the house edge.

In addition to that, the software developers such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech and IGT among others allow gamblers to play multi-tables in the live poker. This is a great way to turn a small deposit amount into thousands of dollars within a few months.

Generally, poker is a great way of analyzing your gameplay as well as that of your opponents since you can see the actual game and not a recorded material. Furthermore, it is simply thrilling.

With more than 200 online casinos and poker rooms (like Pokerstars) to choose from, picking a reliable and trustworthy website that will give the best odds can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to do proper research before signing up. A good and reliable online casino will give you the true live poker and full casino entertainment.

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