Live Blackjack Online

Live Blackjack is one of the few games that give a skilled player a real chance to beat the casino! Live Dealer Blackjack online is not just another casino game, its general acclaim has brought it in our popular culture, making it a part of our lives. One of the reasons for its fame, besides the big odds (the expected payout in blackjack online games is 99% and higher), lies in simple rules that everyone can quickly catch up and join the table.

The live blackjack sites will host plenty of different tables with varying betting limits and thus allow you to choose based on the amount of money you’re willing to spend. They’ll be operating with trustworthy licenses, implement all necessary security measures, and won’t make you wait for days to collect your fairly won money.

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Benefits when you play live blackjack online and what you’ll find here:

We at are supplied with numerous live dealer blackjack games, powered by different providers, and we are more than willing to show you the way through the blackjack maze and help you find your treasure.

  • Top live blackjack casinos online based on your location.
  • Probably the best chance to beat the house.
  • Friendly dealers trained for this amazing card game.
  • Real-time HD video, streamed from a live casino studio.
  • Game reviews, rules, how to’s & strategy advice.

What makes Live Blackjack different to Online Blackjack?

  • Live Blackjack available online plays pretty much the same as in a brick-and-mortar casino.
  • Cards are dealt by a living, breathing, gorgeous individual rather than a computer, and more often than not, there are other (equally remote) players placing their bets at the same table.
  • The main difference is that your opponent is thousands of miles away, located in a studio with multiple cameras which make it seem as if you were sitting opposite each other.
  • Interaction is made possible via Chat functionality even on your mobile device which allows you to type in comments and questions which dealers can see and respond to verbally.
  • Some developers even include the tipping option so that one can offer a small monetary thank you just as they would in a land-based casino.

How to Start a Game?

Standard 7-seat Live Blackjack games feature a limited number of seats to pick from and some offer Bet Behind option if they all happen to be taken. If there are one or more vacant seats, the player can claim it and wait until the current round ends.


  • You can then choose among available chip values to place a bet within table limits and get dealt the first of two cards.
  • The dealer will receive one facing up and the other facing down; if the first is an Ace, they may peek at the hidden card to check for Blackjack.
  • Prior to doing it, gamblers will be offered to ensure their wagers against this potential unfortunate outcome and collect 2:1 should the dealer score.
  • With a few exceptions, your opponent will have to hit on a total of 16 or less and stand on both soft and hard 17.
  • You can normally Double Down on any two initial cards and Split those of the same value to play two hands simultaneously.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2 and the game pushes when hands tie.

Never Take Insurance or Even Money

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Basic Blackjack Rules

Face to face with the dealer, the player tries to have a total value in his hand closer to 21 (without exceeding 21) than the dealer. This general rule applies to all blackjack variations since the beginning of the 21 a few centuries ago.

  • The player competes against the house, not against other players.
  • All face cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks) count as ten points, aces can have a value of either 1 or 11, while other cards have a value of the number shown on the card.
  • The player is dealt a two-card hand and it is up to him to decide whether to stand or to “hit”, meaning to ask for another one.
  • If his total value exceeds 21, he is “busted” and he lose.If he has an ace and a face card, the player got Blackjack, the strongest hand that cannot be beaten, only matched.
  • If the player holds an ace that counts as 11, that hand is called “soft” and the player cannot go bust if he hits again, no matter of the value of another one. Otherwise, the hand is “hard”.
  • In addition, the dealer will have two cards in front of him, too, and he may choose whether to hit or stand. However, while you can play the way you want, the dealer has to follow strict house rules.
  • Generally, the dealer hits if the value of his cards is 16 or less and stands if his cards total 17 or more. In some games, the dealer will hit if he holds soft 17 (meaning he has a hand with an ace and one or more other cards totaling six), but in most cases, he will stand at 17.
  • The winner will be the one that has a total card’s value of 21 or less than 21, but higher than the opponent. If one of the opponents draws an additional one and his hand exceeds 21, he will lose.
  • If the player and the dealer have the same total, that is called “push”, meaning it is tied and the gambler neither loses nor wins any money. If he wins, the player will earn a prize equivalent to the bet.

Why you Should Play Live Blackjack?

The integrity of the game: With live blackjack, you are guaranteed of the game’s integrity. 21 is safe and fair. Therefore, they do not have to worry about deliberate manipulations or biases. It is broadcasted real-time and players can see what is happening in every betting round. Besides, it is independent of random number generators. Moreover, it is facilitated by real people live dealers and not machines

Strategy implementation: With live dealer blackjack, you can easily implement your strategy. As such, it is now easier for players to increase their odds of winning. This aspect is something hard to enjoy when playing on land-based casinos.

Dynamic and interaction: You are not only able to see the live dealers, but you are also able to interact with them through chat. In addition to that, they can also communicate with others. This is what makes mobile live blackjack exciting and dynamic.

Top 5 Live Blackjack Providers

Almost all gambling software providers feature one or more Live Blackjack variants but Evolution, NetEnt, Vivo, ViG and Playtech are considered to be the best in terms of available range and production quality.

Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Games

By far the best software provider on the market.
Huge amount of different limits, native and private tables and VIP rooms.
Outstanding HD streaming quality and gorgeous, professional dealers.

Evolution leads the way with an incredible assortment of live dealer games and a large number of standard and VIP Blackjack tables accessible from a well-designed Lobby. Bet Behind is available when all 7 seats are occupied, Pre-Decision feature lets make your decisions before it’s their turn, and 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets offer an opportunity to win more during a single round. Games use 8 decks, dealers always stand on 17, you can double on any two first cards and split initial cards of the same value; a single additional card is dealt to each split Ace. Table limits normally start at €5 and can go as high as €10,000. The latter is attached to Salon Prive tables where one can play alone, like a true VIP.

Up until recently, all Evolution-powered Blackjack games were played at 7-seat tables but that’s no longer the case. Infinite Blackjack has not only made it possible to join in whenever one chooses to, but it has also introduced several extras one can’t find in any other Live Blackjack game.

To start with, there is the Six-Card Charlie rule which makes your hand automatically win if it consists of 6 cards with a total value of 21 or less. The game supports two additional side bets on top of the usual 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. Hot 3 wager wins when the player’s two cards and the opponent’s up card form a total of 19, 20 or 21 and pays between 1:1 and 100:1 (the latter paid out for three 7’s). Bust It side bet pays between 1:1 and 250:1 when the dealer busts with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 cards. Infinite Blackjack features lower minimum limits and can be played for as little as €1.

Best Evolution Gaming Casino

100% up to €500 or 5 BTC

Pragmatic Play
Software NextGen Gaming
Excellent reputation since its establishment in 2014
170+ live dealer tables and 2800 other games
Generous bonuses & promotions every week
Software NetEnt
Special features like “Live Beyond Live”.
High paying sidebets available
Always a good choice for blackjack and roulette players.

NetEnt has a more limited range of dealer games and currently focuses on Live Blackjack and Roulette. The Lobby offers a choice of 3 or 4 tables with limits usually ranging between €1 and €2,000. NetEnt’s mix includes 7-seat tables using 6 decks and Common Draw Blackjack that can cater to an unlimited number of players at the same time. The dealer must stand on all 17s and players can Double Down, Split, and take Insurance against the dealer’s Ace. If they score Blackjack and the dealer’s upcard is an Ace, they can choose to take Even Money and get paid 1:1.

NetEnt’s Blackjack features 21+3 and Perfect Pair side bets paying up to 100:1 and 30:1 respectively. The developer’s Live Beyond Live is a unique proposition that enables you to enter a virtual casino floor and take a seat at one of several Blackjack and Roulette tables. They’ll see avatars of other gamblers doing their gambling at the same time and visuals of imaginary casino patrons walking about.

Best NetEnt Casino

100% up to €100

Industry leading live casino mobile offering
Over 900 Amazing Games
Bonus with up to 300 Free Spins

Vivo Gaming Casinos and Live Games

Unlike other developers, Vivo also allows re-splitting.
Outstanding streaming quality on desktop on mobile.
Available in more than 20 languages.

Vivo offers classic 7-seat variants playing with 8 decks. Table limits tend to be less generous than with other providers; depending on the chosen gambling site, you’ll likely be able to place wagers ranging between €5 and €500. Dealers must hit on 16 or less and you have the option to Double Down and Split; unlike other developers, Vivo (Free Demo) also allows re-splitting.

Insurance is available if the dealer’s up-card is an Ace and additional win opportunities offered via 21+3 and Perfect Pair side bets. The first pays 9:1 and the other 25:1. Game interface, available in 20+ languages, features a menu button which allows everyone to open Chat window, familiarize with game rules and limits, manipulate settings and report issues. The game supports tipping functionality.

Best Vivo Gaming Casino
Rich Casino

200% up to $2,000

Pragmatic Play
Wide variety of games
Constantly updating the games and promotions
Good quality customer support

Best VIG Live Casinos and Games

Simple and easy to use game interface.
One of the best option for players from the USA.
Tipping option to honor the dealers.

Visionary iGaming lets you choose Blackjack table limits in the range of €1-€25, €5-€200, and €25-€500. Having made your choice, you’ll find yourself at a table using 6 decks and offering 3 betting positions. One can choose to play one, two, or all three hands each time. The gameplay is fast because the dealer follows the Basic Strategy. You can choose to play in line with the recommendation or do your thing, except when the Basic Strategy says “stand”. ViG’s Blackjack Early Payout offers an amount to collect each time the player’s hand changes and one can choose to take it before any more cards are dealt. Unlike in most other Live Blackjack games, the dealer hits on soft 17.

ViG Live Blackjack supports Pairs side bet which pays 11:1 when the player’s first two cards form a pair, and Rummy bet which wins 9:1 if the player’s cards and the dealer’s up card form a winning 3-card poker hand. The game interface is dead simple; the video stream occupies the central position of the upper half of the game screen, with digital images of cards dealt to each hand presented immediately below.

Results of the last 10 hands are visible on the right-hand side and that’s also where you’ll find two icons that allow participants to view rules and bet limits. Clearly marked slot enables players to tip their dealer and thus thank them for an enjoyable experience. It should be mentioned that ViG’s Blackjack features the highest house edge of them all.

Best Visionary iGaming Casino

200% up to $1,000

300+ RTG And Live Dealer Games
Fast Payouts And 24/7 Support
Highly Reliable Mobile Casino
Software Playtech
One of the top casino software providers.
Four Live Blackjack categories: Unlimited, Lounge, Grand or Royale, Soiree.
High-definition streaming and a top betting interface.

Playtech Live Blackjack, on the other hand, offers the lowest edge of only 0.55%. It’s not uncommon to find a Lobby with about 20 Blackjack tables with 7 seats and limits ranging between €5 and €1,000, as well as Unlimited Blackjack accepting wagers as low as €1. The standard game offers Bet Behind option to use when you show up and find all 7 seats have already been taken. At EU tables the dealer gets their second card only after players have made their decisions.

At US tables cards are dealt in the American style, meaning the dealer gets both cards at the same time as players which can thus purchase Insurance. Your opponent has to stand on 17, be it soft or hard. You can double, even after splitting, and potentially benefit from 10 Card Charlie rule. The range of side bets includes Player’s Pair and Dealer’s Pair (Perfect, Coloured or Red/Black) as well as 21+3 with respective maximum payouts of 25:1 and 100:1. User-friendly interface offers plenty of in-game options. The main menu offers tabs leading to Lobby and the cashier, displaying game rules, allowing players to adjust video and audio settings, and more. Two icons positioned immediately below are used to view table limits and payouts.

The Playtech Soiree Blackjack caters to VIP players and enables them to enjoy very unique benefits. For example, they can request that their dealer remains seated even after the standard time period has expired and a new host should be taking over. Playtech’s Unlimited Blackjack plays slightly differently to standard game variants. It has 5 main betting positions and uses Optimal Strategy which automatically splits certain hands. If you choose to fold instead, you’ll receive your bet back minus 20%.

Best Playtech Casino
William Hill Operator

100% up to £300

Biggest online gambling brands
Safe & secure, 24/7 support,
Fast payouts

Private and Native Live Blackjack Tables

Some Live Blackjack tables cater to a specific audience and most of the time target players willing to wager larger amounts or those residing in a particular country. The first is usually labeled “private” or “VIP” and they all feature high maximum bets. Some offer added benefits such as an opportunity to claim the entire table and make sure nobody else can take a seat, or an ability to make choices not available to mere mortals playing via the internet or mobile device. Evolution’s Salon Prive is home to several private tables with different minimum bet limits. The dealer is all yours and others can’t even watch, let alone join in and play. Rather than deal with a limited period of time to make decisions in, you can play at your own pace. Soiree Blackjack powered by Playtech features exclusive VIP service consisting of several rare treats. Players can ask for shoe change of a reshuffle, and when the standard 30-minute period expires, they can decide to keep the dealer or exchange them for a new one.

Native Live Blackjack Games

Native games are hosted by dealers speaking their mother tongue which can be any language other than English. The majority of such tables play Roulette live but one can also find Blackjack games with the dealer communicating in German, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Russian, Armenian, Persian or Arabic.

Evolution, as expected, provides the largest number of native tables but is not alone. The leader’s range caters to players residing in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Turkey. Ladies and gentlemen hosting these games, as the provider nicely puts it, “understand the finer details of a country or region’s culture and casino etiquette and, as a result, they can deliver an exceptional localized service”. Ezugi and BetConstruct both aim to please Turkish Blackjack fans, and the latter also caters to Russian, Armenian, Persian and Arabian players.

While rules of the game stay the same, players get to communicate in the language they’re most comfortable with and in the manner typical for land-based casinos located in their own countries.

Pros & Cons of Playing Live Blackjack Online VS at a Physical Casino

As technology develops and game providers get more and more creative, the list of advantages of online gambling keeps growing. Nowadays, virtual environment not only mimics real-life experience but makes it even better by exploiting opportunities not feasible in the physical world, such as a bigger choice of tables, wider betting limits, and a more generous choice of optional side bets.

Live Casinos accessible via the internet or mobile device can also provide tables with an unlimited number of seats, thus guaranteeing one never has to wait around before getting to place their very first wager. They’re open day and night, with most if not all tables operated 24/7. Mobile gambling has literary made the experience available anytime and anywhere. Players are exposed to typical casino noise, multiple camera angles offer similar views to those you’d have when sitting at a physical Blackjack table, and one can communicate with the dealer and other players via Chat window. Game interface usually offers a helpful overview of past results which may come in handy when making decisions during the current round.

Most brick-and-mortar casinos feature a dress code one has to adhere to in order to enter. Some players may view it as a rare opportunity to smarten up while others think of it as a hassle they can do without. There are transport time and cost to reckon with, and depending on where the physical casino is located, potentially also cost of accommodation, meals, etc. Card counting is equally possible in both cases though most tables nowadays use 6 or 8 decks to make the exercise difficult. If one wishes to double-check the recommended strategy, it will be easier to do when facing a computer screen than while sitting at a real table.

Overall, there aren’t really any major disadvantages of playing Live Blackjack online vs placing bets in a land-based establishment. You may prefer to take the trip if you wish to be seen and show off your skills in person, meet other players face-to-face, or simply enjoy an exciting outing.

Imp Reads:

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Live Dealer Blackjack FAQ

What’s the difference between playing Live Blackjack online vs at a land-based casino?

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Other than standard benefits of online gambling (availability, larger choice of tables and game variants, etc), Blackjack games play in the same manner in the virtual and physical world. Cards are dealt by top educated dealers, even if they are located in a remote destination, and gameplay and rules are pretty much identical. Online Live Blackjack offers additional win opportunities via various side bets and pretty much guarantees there will be a seat available whenever you fancy playing.

Where can I play online Live Blackjack?

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The majority of online casinos feature a range of live dealer games and Live Blackjack is always part of the offering. You only need to find a trustworthy operator catering to your market and table limits fitting your budget.

How can I play Live Blackjack online?

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You’ll first need to find a reputable online casino that accepts players from your country and offers live dealer games. The next step is to register and make a deposit large enough to finance a certain number of rounds, then join one of the available tables. Make sure to check rules and payouts prior to placing your first wager.

Can I play for free or real money only?

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With rare exceptions, one can only play livedealer games with real money. Most online casinos will allow you to launch a game and observe gameplay with zero funds but a bet can’t be placed until you fund your casino account.

What is the minimum amount I can bet?

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Table limits vary from one site to another and even between tables powered by the same developer. You’ll frequently get to place bets as low as €1, or at worst €5.

What are side bets?

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Side bets are optional wagers one can place along with the main bet. The two most popular ones are Pairs and 21+3, though there are game variants that support additional and/or different side wagers.

Should I take Live Blackjack insurance?

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Seasoned players and experts will advise not to purchase Insurance as it’s a bet with a high house edge.

What’s the best strategy to follow?

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This game is all about making the right decisions as to when to Hit, Stand, Double and Split. The Internet is a generous resource which can teach you the basic rules as well as coach in more advanced strategies.

Does the number of decks used in Live Blackjack influence house edge?

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Yes; the more decks, the higher is the house edge. The best you can do is find games using 6 instead of the usual 8 decks.

Is it safe to play Live Dealer Blackjack via the internet?

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Gambling via the internet is safe as long as you’re doing it at a properly licensed online casino with a good reputation.