Best Live Casino VIP Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions can make your online casino gaming experience a lot more interesting. Many such bonuses and promotions exist, but one of the highest you can get is a VIP bonus.

The vast majority of online casinos support a VIP program, and you can get VIP bonuses if you’re part of this program. With a VIP bonus, you get special treatment when staking on online casino games. The services and amenities you can access will vary significantly from those on a regular casino bonus.

As a result, there’s every reason for you to be on the lookout for VIP casino bonuses. Here, you’ll find the best bonuses from VIP online casino sites. We have provided you with more details about these online casino VIP programs and more.

Types of VIP Casino Bonuses

Types of VIP Casino Bonuses

VIP bonuses are versatile, as each online casino has its own approach. For some casinos, you must first join the VIP club. In other words, bet until you attain VIP status. If that’s the case, you can’t access VIP bonuses if you’re a new player.

However, some other VIP casinos offer bonuses to both old and new players. You automatically get VIP status based on your first deposit or reload amounts. Also, online casinos typically have different VIP levels.

The type of bonus you can access will depend on your VIP level. All in all, here are the different types of VIP casino bonuses available:

High Roller Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are one of the most popular on VIP online casinos. As a VIP player, you also get access to cashback deposit bonuses. So, when you lose your bet, you get a percentage of the bet amount as compensation. Not just any type, but high roller ones.

For instance, a regular bonus may offer 10% cashback when you lose bets. However, high roller casino bonuses will offer from 20 to 50%. The higher the amount you stake, the higher the percentage.

High Roller Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are similar to cashback bonuses. The difference is that they reward you with a percentage of your deposit amount before you place a bet.

Consequently, reload bonuses come with minimum deposit requirements. A casino may demand a minimum $100 deposit for a regular reload bonus. On the other hand, to access a VIP reload bonus, the casino could require a minimum deposit of $500 or higher.

When dealing with reload bonuses, you should adhere to the terms and conditions. Usually, these bonuses are limited to specific payment and banking methods. Sometimes also, they are limited deposits made on certain days of the week.

High Roller Welcome Bonus

Here’s a VIP live casino bonus you can take advantage of as a new player. Welcome bonus offers primarily apply to a player’s first deposit on an online casino. Most often than not, it’s double the deposit amount. This means if a player stakes $50, they get another $50, making a total of $100 to stake bets.

However, high roller welcome bonuses will offer more than 100%. You could get much as 300% if your first deposit hits a particular amount. However, the minimum deposit will be higher than those for regular players. For instance, an online casino site can set a minimum first deposit of $200 to trigger VIP welcome bonuses.

VIP Comp Points

Some casino sites offer comp points as part of their VIP loyalty programs. These casino loyalty programs seek to reward regular players, irrespective of how much they deposit or stake.

With each deposit or stake you make, you earn points. Over time, these points accumulate, and you you can then exchange the points for credits and stake more.

Notably, the more points you compile, the higher your VIP level. This will influence what bonuses you get and sometimes, the exchange rate of points for bonuses.

For illustration, a casino may allow you to exchange 200 points for $20 at level 2. However, when you’re at level 4, you get $50 with that same 200 points. Also, you could get free chips for specific live casino games. You could also get free spins to play slots.

Tiered VIP Bonuses

Tiered VIP bonuses are an interesting type of promotion you can get from an online casino VIP program. As stated, live dealer casinos typically have different VIP tiers or levels. You progress from one level to the other, and as you do, you get compelling bonuses.

Consider a player in level 1. If the player makes a significant deposit or stake or gains enough points to move to level 2, they receive an exclusive bonus. It’s like a welcome bonus, welcoming them into the new level.

Tiered VIP bonuses range from cashback to deposit bonus deals. The catch is that only VIP players in a particular tier can access them.

How To Claim VIP Bonuses

Although VIP casino programs are exclusive promotions, they are not uncommon. If you scout online casinos, you’ll confirm that many offer a kind of live casino bonus for VIP members.

Identifying which to choose from the crowd can be challenging. However, claiming bonuses at the best online VIP casinos is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

Select a High Roller Bonus From VIP Casinos on Our Featured List

First things first, you must identify the type of VIP bonus you want. Is it a higher roller cashback bonus, welcome bonus, reload bonus, or tiered bonus? Well, you can get all from the best online VIP casinos.

We’ve done the hard work and made available a list of these best online VIP casinos on our site. You don’t have to spend time scanning the online casino space for the best offers. Simply pick an ideal site from the list of platforms with the best VIP casino program.

While compiling, we made sure to only include high roller VIP programs from licensed online casino sites. As a result, you can trust the casino bonuses the offer.

Review the Terms and Conditions of the VIP Bonus

While you can 100% trust the casinos on our featured list, you should know each has different terms and conditions. The terms and conditions cover what you must do before, while, and after claiming the bonus. Therefore, it’s critical that you review them.

Reviewing the terms and conditions of the VIP bonus will help you confirm if it’s suitable for you. For example, a bonus may be limited to specific live casino games.

You may be an expert on slot games, but a VIP bonus does not support it. If you claim such a bonus, you’ll be forced to play other live games with it.

Furthermore, when talking about online casino terms and conditions, you cannot skip the wagering requirements. More on this later.

Register an Account With the Online Casino

If the terms and conditions of the VIP bonus suit you, you can proceed to create an account on the online casino. Account creation is important because you can only become a VIP member when you’re a registered player at the casino.

Fortunately, creating accounts on VIP casino sites isn’t complicated. The platform will only request a few personal details, like name, address, phone number, and email address. Also, you’ll need to create a username and password.

Some casino sites may demand a sort of verification. Usually, the sole reason is to confirm that you’re up to legal age. Once you pass all verification criteria, you can start playing live casino games.

Complete the Requirement To Become a VIP Player

With a registered account on the VIP casino site, the next thing to do is to become a VIP player. How you do that will differ from casino to casino.

As a result, you may need to consult the online casino’s customer service to know how to become a VIP player. Some casino sites will provide a VIP account manager to assist you (but this is usually when you’ve attained a certain level).

Usually, you’ll need to deposit or stake above a particular amount to join the program. Either that or you automatically become part after making your first deposit.

Collect Your VIP Bonus

As a VIP member, you can collect your bonus after claiming it. However, it’s essential to follow the terms and conditions when claiming the bonus, or you may miss out on some essential details. This might cause you to forfeit the offer.

Furthermore, after collecting your bonus, you usually cannot withdraw it immediately. It stays in your bonus balance, which is different from your actual balance. When you can withdraw depends on the wagering requirements.

VIP Casino Bonuses Terms and Conditions

An important aspect of VIP bonuses — and all other online casino bonuses as well – are the terms and conditions. You should expect the following terms and conditions from VIP online casino sites:

Wagering Requirements

Bonuses are available to VIP casino players to encourage them to stake and help them win more. However, casino houses are not charity organizations. For this reason, casino bonus offers come with wagering criteria.

The wagering requirements explain what you must do before withdrawing winnings you make from your bonuses. Typically, they require you to deposit and stake real money before withdrawing.

For example, if the wagering requirement is 10x, you must stake 10 times the bonus amount before withdrawing your winnings. So, if you earn $500 from the VIP bonus, you must deposit and bet up to $5,000.

Another reason casino sites place these requirements is to avoid abuse. If they don’t exist, casino players will constantly claim and withdraw bonuses without staking.

Minimum Deposit and Net Loss

You must make a minimum deposit before claiming any casino bonus. With VIP live casino bonuses, this minimum deposit is usually high. An online casino may demand a $200 minimum deposit to join their VIP program. Not paying up to that amount automatically disqualifies you.

Note that minimum deposit terms and conditions apply to both your first deposit and subsequent reloads. However, when it comes to cashback bonuses, the talk is about minimum net loss. Minimum net loss is the lowest amount you can lose in a bet to claim a cashback. As with the minimum deposit, the amount is higher if you’re a VIP player.

Regular casino players may get cashback if they stake and lose a minimum of $100. Meanwhile, VIP casino players may need to stake and lose $300 to $500 at least. This is just an illustration, as the exact amount varies for different VIP casino sites.

Maximum Bonus Cap

Suppose a VIP casino program offers a 100% high roller welcome bonus. This doesn’t mean you can make a first deposit of $1 million and get another $1 million as a bonus. VIP online casinos have a maximum amount they cannot exceed, known as the bonus cap.

Let’s assume a casino’s maximum bonus cap is $1,000 for a 100% welcome bonus. If you deposit $500, you’ll get an extra $500. Likewise, if you deposit $1,000, you’ll get an extra $1,000.

However, if you deposit $2,000, you won’t get an extra $2,000. You’ll get $1,000 instead since the bonus cannot exceed that amount.

Upsides and Downsides of VIP Online Casinos

Getting exciting bonuses from VIP online casinos is an advantage for any gambler. No doubt, these VIP benefits are rewarding, but downsides exist too. Let’s consider the benefits first:

Upsides of Being an Online Casino VIP

Below are the main upsides you enjoy as a VIP on online casinos:

  • VIP Account Manager: As an online casino VIP, you’ll usually get a personal account manager to help you. This personal manager will ensure you get the best VIP online casino experience. Consequently, you get first-rate support and relatively faster approvals for withdrawals.
  • Exclusive Bonuses And Promotions: Already, you get enough bonuses as an online casino VIP. Still, your status will grant you access to more exclusives. Notably, you’ll get the most no-deposit live dealer casino bonuses.
  • VIP Events: VIP online casinos sometimes go all out to reward their players. This can include inviting them to special events with free tickets. For example, the platform can reward VIP players with free tickets to events in London or any other European top city.
  • Quick Withdrawals: As mentioned earlier, your personal account manager will ensure you get faster withdrawal approvals. However, whether you have a manager or not, you’ll always get quick payouts if you’re a VIP. It’s critical to your VIP online casino experience.

Downsides of Being an Online Casino VIP

Below are the main downsides of being an online casino VIP:

  • High Deposits: A regular casino bonus will not demand as much as a VIP offer. You’ll pay more money as a VIP, which, in fact, is one of the factors that makes you a VIP. Your first deposit and reloads will be higher, and when it comes to cashbacks, you also need to stake higher.
  • Stricter Rules: VIP casino sites apply more terms and conditions to exclusive players. Sometimes these conditions are too strict that it’s impossible to get in. Take VIP loyalty programs, for example. The casino may set a high benchmark for regular players to meet before they can join.
  • Online Gambling Issues: When VIP casino sites keep giving you exciting bonuses and promotions, it’s easy to become used to them. Over time, it could result in online gambling issues whereby players bet incessantly. That’s never advisable. You should always gamble responsibly.

Bottom Line

Casino sites offer VIP bonuses to reward special players. You can take advantage of these bonuses to increase your winnings. However, you can only rely on the best VIP online casinos.

Pick an option from our recommended list of bonuses from the best VIP casino sites. You’re good to go if the terms and conditions and wagering requirements meet your interest.

It’s easy to get carried away due to how rewarding the VIP casino bonus offers are. Ensure you gamble responsibly, as the VIP casinos still have the house edge.

Frequently Asked Questions About VIP Casino Bonuses

The VIP casino sites with the best bonuses have been outlined in this post. You can go through the list and settle on one with comfortable terms and conditions. Using our list is recommended, as not all VIP programs and loyalty schemes are workable for gamblers.

You get VIP status at a casino by fulfilling the laid-out requirement. There are two main options, one of which is playing regularly on an online casino until you qualify for the loyalty programs. Loyalty schemes often come with VIP membership. Other stes might require that you deposit or stake a significant amount at the casino. The VIP casino program will spell out what amounts qualify a player.

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