Live Dragonara Roulette Evolution

Roulette basically involves getting a ball to spin and hit your targeted number. However, some Roulettes have proven it has more to offer from your screen. One such is the Dragonara Roulette.

Evolution Gaming is the mastermind behind this exhilarating and thrilling table game. In Dragonara Roulette, you participate in a game with a real host and real players. You just need to join the live table and place your wagers alongside them.

Dragonara Roulette comes straight from Malta in Malta, so not only will you get to play a live casino game. It’s a very sociable table game, one that’s very different from other roulette games on the internet. In this comprehensive Dragonara Roulette review, we’ll explore more about this epic establishment.

Dragonara Roulette From Evolution

Dragonara Roulette, also known as Dual Play Roulette, is an exciting live dealer roulette and a new addition to Evolution Gaming’s lineup. Dragonara casino was constructed in 1870 as a live casino in Malta. The casino now caters to customers both online and offline.

This allows people from all over the world to enjoy the thrill of betting in a traditional casino without leaving their homes. Dragonara Roulette recreates the feel of a live casino, complete with real players and details.

Imagine settling down at a table with real people. What better way to feel like you’re playing in a real casino without actually being in one? Thanks to Evolution Gaming for a live broadcast of a Roulette wheel in the middle of the action at the Dragonara casino in Malta.

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the thrill of a genuine Roulette wheel. Studio copies (particularly those supplied by the leading software creator) are often adequate. However, the original always wins out.

The dealer and the players create an environment that is as authentic as it gets. Now, when you throw in the high-tech software, you can guarantee that you will be returning for more.

High-Quality Features Which Dragonara Roulette Offers

There are several features of Evolution Live Roulette that make it stand out among other roulette game options. Below are some of its fantastic features:

Video Quality

Video broadcasting from Evolution Gaming is of the highest resolution. All of the activity on the stage can be seen clearly thanks to the HD multi-camera immersive view. Both the traditional view and the multi-camera view provide a genuine experience. However, the latter displays the table from a variety of perspectives that can be toggled by the user.

There are four choices available for adjusting video resolution and entering full-screen mode. these are the Low, Medium, High, and HD. In addition, if any network problems are found, the game program will improve the gaming atmosphere on its own.

Roulette Table Layout

The regulations of Dragonara Roulette are the same as those of the European roulette game. This means the betting table has only one zero. Players can place call bets and neighbor bets on a racecourse. The latter allows them to adjust the chosen number of digits on either side of their selected number. You can make choices between hot and cold numbers.

Game Help Feature

Typical rewards and winning chances are in line with those of betting roulette in Europe casino tables. Here, you can also find the house edge which is a tiny 2.70%n and an RTP of 97.30%. This can be found well-described in the game’s readily available Help part.

Multi Game Play Feature

Multi Game Play is a feature exclusive to the evaluated game’s creator. It allows online players to simultaneously participate in as many as four different live dealer games. Each of the live dealer games is displayed in a single computer tab.

Game Statistics

Game statistics are displayed as a circular pie chart with hot and cold numbers. This allows you to quickly acquaint yourself with the outcomes of the last 500 games. In addition to the statistics, you can also check out your own personal betting and payment records. These are all available within the player history section of the interface.

Favorite Bets Feature

In order to facilitate future bets placement, you can take advantage of the Save Favourite Bets function. With this, you can store bets involving your most frequently used bet size at the live roulette wheel.

Live Gaming Dealers

Dragonara casino has a croupier who put you through the Evolution Gaming Dragonara Roulette game world and its betting rounds. The dealer makes the stream even more lively when they comment on your actions.


In this game, the primary language is English but there are over fifteen extra languages featured. There is even a reality check feature. Also, the live games have a chat feature that allows other players to interact with you during the game. It’s also possible for the dealer to chat with you from the screen.

Naturally, the dealer encourages players to use the live chat feature to foster interaction. For players who find this burdensome while playing, you can turn it off as you prefer. The sign for this feature is clearly available on the screen.

How to Play Dragonara Roulette Game

How to Play Dragonara Roulette Game

There will likely be moments at the roulette wheel when you are confused by the gaming jargon. The two most common kinds of roulette games are European roulette and American. They are identical in all other respects except that the American version has an additional zero location, known as the double zero.

An abbreviated rundown of the many betting possibilities follows.

Inside Bets

  • A straight hit: putting your chip squarely on a number (1 number covered)
  • Split: Put your wager between two integers, or “split.” (2 numbers covered)
  • A street bet: This is a wager on the final number in any horizontal or vertical sequence. (3 numbers covered)
  • Corner bet: this means to put your chip in the corner, where four digits meet. (4 numbers covered)
  • Line bet: To make a line wager, put your coin at the end of two adjacent rows at their shared junction. (6 numbers covered)

Outside Bets

  • Column bet: To make a “column bet,” your coin must be positioned in the “2 to 1” square. (12 numbers covered)
  • Dozen bet: Bet a dozen by dropping a coin into either the “1st 12,” “2nd 12,” or “3rd 12” slots. (12 numbers covered)
  • Red/Black: Bet your coin on red or black; the outcome depends on it. (18 numbers covered)
  • Odd/Even: You can bet on odd or even, so choose wisely! (18 numbers covered)
  • First half/Second half: You can bet on 1-18 or 19-36 for the first half of the second. (18 numbers covered)

Keep in mind that players can’t wager on anything besides the zero and double zero. Common to most roulette table games are these betting options. The aforementioned wagers are fairly standard online. However, variations do exist that use side bets or other novel elements to distinguish themselves from traditional roulette.

Understanding Dragonara roulette from Evolution Gaming doesn’t exit knowing the winning chances and potential payouts. Placing a bet on a specific digit offers the best payout chances. Players can expect a payout of 35 to 1 when they win here.

Playing Evolution Gaming Dragonara Roulette Casino

You get the best of both worlds when you play at a roulette table as Evolution Gaming streams live from a casino. With this, you will get a sample of the action at the packed table irrespective of your venue. Players also get to keep the benefit of using the more sophisticated gameplay instructions and elements. Some other players at the table don’t even have access to these features.

All wagers are displayed in plain view at the bottom of the screens it is played. The game’s single-zero simulated Dragonara Roulette table makes it easy to follow the action and find your winning numbers. Above the Favorite Bet section to save bets and the graphic showing data from earlier plays, you’ll find the Racetrack area. The settings and ruleset are accessible from the menu bar. Live Chat and Live Support to provide access to real-time assistance are also available.

Play Dragonara Roulette at Your Favorite Casinos Today!

You should really try Evolution Live Dragonara Roulette tables. You’ll enjoy the thrill of real Roulette without giving up the convenience that only modern technology can offer. Streaming from busy casinos can be challenging indeed. Still, the technology is sophisticated enough to overcome all of those challenges with crystal-clear video quality and seamless audio. You get a top-notch final result that makes playing Live Roulette tables easy and fun.

You can play Dragonara Roulette on your computer, smartphone, or iPad device. When Dragonara Roulette is played, we recommend using a desktop computer instead of a mobile device or smartphone. This is because the smaller screen makes it difficult to see the action clearly. That said, from this review, you just need to get on the site, spin, shoot the ball, and win big.

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