Live Lucky 6 Betgames

For lob=vers of poker and baccarat, here’s a draw game you can count on for massive entertainment. This game involves in-depth details that everyone who loves to bet will love to have on their screen. It’s no other than Betgames Lucky 6 game round.

Betgames has introduced a new live dealer bet game called Live Lucky 5. With a $1 minimum stake and a $50 maximum, it offers a 95% return to player percentage. You can play it on your computer or mobile device, and it includes the classic Lucky 6 lotto format.

When it comes to Betgames’ real-time gaming draws, Lucky 6 is the low-volatility option. Three of the top live games are Lucky 5, Lucky 7, and this. Also, a brand new workshop was added not too long ago. Read on to get a feel for what playing Lucky 6 in the year 2021 on BetGames is like.

Lucky 6 Betgames

Lucky 6 Betgames

Betgames Lucky 6 is one of the best lottery games played with a live operator and offers a variety of betting options. Six lucky balls out of sixty are selected at random and placed into the game machine chambers. This gives the impression of a combined poker or baccarat game.

The release of Lucky 6 marked the conclusion of the Lucky series of lotto games. The success of the first two showed that there was a sizable market for high-quality lotto games in real-world casinos. BetGames undoubtedly helped the growth of this specialized industry. From its facilities in Lithuania and Malta, players can experience flawless live broadcasting audio on any screen.

Unlike its related games, Betgames Lucky 6 differs in several details. To begin, you’ll be working with a selected number and dropped balls. There are only ten red and blue lucky balls, named from zero to nine, in this game. That means there are six of each ball with a number. However, this significantly alters the gameplay and the stakes. It’s up to you to decide which of the three Lucky draws you like best.

Lucky 6 otherwise features Betgames’ standard glossy, TV-like design. For those who enjoy love to draw balls on live casino lotto games, this is a top option.

New to Betgames Lucky 6? | Here are Some of the Top Features of the Lottery Based Game Machine

Here are the features that make this game stand out among other live casino games:

The Lucky Balls and the Zones

In Lucky 6, six lucky balls are randomly drawn from a pool of sixty. There are also three zones within the game namely the A zone, B zone and C zone. Each of the three zones can hold two zone lucky balls.

The six drawn balls are hence, drawn and distributed evenly among them. The winning balls are now three sets of blue lucky balls and red lucky balls, all being numbered balls. The first three sets are numbered one to nine and likewise the other three sets.

The Betting Options

Totals, Odd/Even, Color, Count, and Number bets are the betting options this game features. When placing a bet on the Total, you are predicting whether the accumulated score will be higher than or equal to a predetermined point spread.

A Total Sum Bet

The chances are 18.00 if you bet the total will be less than 15.5 or more than 38.5. On the other hand, chances are 1.01 if you bet that it will be more than 15.5 or less than 38.5. Under a 26.5 wager pays 2.00 and over will pay 1.80.

Bet on Odd or Even Numbers

Secondly, you can place wagers on an odd or even number. Here, you’re placing a wager on whether the total tally or the numbers drawn will be odd or even. The payout for betting on whether the total is odd or even in a given market is 1.90 to 1.

If the total chosen number of lucky balls is less than 2.5, the chances are 2.75 to 1. However, if the total lucky balls are greater than 2.5, the odds are 1.45 to 2.75. If you add up all the times the lucky balls were either even or odd, you get 1.90.

A Count Bet

When banking on the Count, you are essentially betting on whether the count of the selected ball will be even or odd. You’re also betting whether it will be less than or equal to 1.5. Betting odds of 8.30 are offered for less, while those of 1.07 is offered for more. Choose Even for chances of 1.50; choose Odd for odds of 2.55.

Numbers Bets

The chosen number bet allows you to bet on which numbered ball will fall into each of the numbered slots. The betting outcomes chances are 5 to 1 if you get one 0–9 numbered ball and 90 to 1 if you get two.

Bet on the Red or Blue Balls

Bets on colours offer the widest range of possibilities. You can choose from 10 different bets. Your bets are on the total number of blue or red balls or the total digits in a given area. The goal is to predict whether they will be less than or greater than a specified amount. From 1.72 to 2.10, these chances range.

How to Win Betgames Lucky 6 | The Betting Round

In order to enter the action of Lucky 6, players must first join a live casino. Your live casino choice must feature the Betgames Lucky 6 live games. Afterward, you proceed with gambling.

Once the game is loaded, players will be given the option to join by placing one or more bets. You’re to use the recognizable betting slip found at the bottom of the user interface. Note that there are dozens of zone lucky balls to be randomly drawn when you play Lucky 6.

The exact form of the bet slip changes depending on the personal preference of your bets. Nevertheless, the information you need to enter in the bet slip slots includes the bet form and betting amount.

As soon as the fixed period of five minutes passes, the hostess announces the start of the betting round. The broadcast goes into live feed and the machine starts the zone lucky balls draw. Two balls are drawn from the A zone, B zone and C zone. The available outcomes from the balls determine the winning balls and the losing balls.

As previously mentioned, six sets of balls are numbered between 0 and 9. This fact, along with the three sections, is the key to understanding Lucky 6 details. These details are also the biggest difference between Lucky 6 and other live games.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that you can keep track of live Lucky 6 results through the one-in-all Betgames interface. You can also enjoy the drum playing in the background along with other sound effects that comes with each round. Also, you’re not limited to using your mobile or desktop alone. The game is excellent on both desktop and mobile devices.

Strategies to Use as You Play Lucky 6

Bets on the sum of balls being either over 15.5 or under 38.5 are the optimal bets for Lucky 6. It’s possible to win with this bet in almost a million different ways. However, such a bet has a high-risk profile with low potential rewards.

Secondly, one tactic is to mix a risky, higher-payoff bet with a safer, more sure-fire play. While it’s true that you could potentially profit from either the low- or high-risk choice, the former presents less of a threat.

Lastly, the odds outcomes of winning Lucky 6 are the highest of the three lottery games offered at the casino. However, the payouts are among the lowest. You should try Lucky 5 or Lucky 7 to see if the rewards and marketplaces suit your needs.

Live Lucky 6 Payouts Compared to Other Casino Games

Betting chances are a representation of the potential reward for a given stake. This low-risk game lacks the potential for huge payout wagers found in other games in the betting markets. The vast majority of your choices are safe but unrewarding.

Lucky 6 offers a wide variety of betting rounds, which is sure to keep you entertained for hours. This live-operator lottery-based game has an overall RTP of 95.00%. The strength of this is adequate for a lotto game but is poor when compared to real money online casinos.


Whether you love poker, baccarat or sports betting, Betgames Lucky 6 will stand out as the perfect game for you. BetGames has perfected the art of online gambling lotto games.

The Lucky series has been so effective because no other software company pays as much attention to this sector of the market. In general, it’s a great time for those who prefer a laid-back gambling atmosphere.

We highly suggest Betgames Lucky 6 if this is the sort of game you’re interested in playing. However, we also recommend that you compare it to Lucky 5 and Lucky 7 very closely. All three games, as we’ve said, offer comparable levels of profit and entertainment. In the end, it boils down to individual taste.

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