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There are numerous casinos with different games that keep players hooked. However, when it comes to the Asian market, MG Live is by far the most popular supplier of streamed games. Even with such fame, little is known of MG Live Games company. However, it has obviously been around long enough to corner a sizable chunk of its intended consumer base.

When you think of MG Live, think of the Philippines. Here’s where you’ll find the vast majority of the casino’s live gambling platforms. The English language is available for all live events. Some of the tables, however, have real-time live dealers who are fluent in Mandarin.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll have an insider’s view of this live casino. Ensure you read to the end to see if this platform’s real-time game options are just right for you to play.

About MG Live Casino Providers

Here is some information on this bet casino:

An Unclear History

The precise year MG Live was established is a mystery. This is somewhat out of the ordinary, as most live casino service suppliers gladly display such details on their sites. To be clear, this doesn’t mean that they’re not honest. It’s just that a company’s past performance is indicative of its potential going forward.

Companies like Playtech and Evolution are by no means old. Still, their steady improvement gives everyone a reason to hope that they will continue to advance. Hence, the fact that even Google doesn’t have a background should not be seen as a type of allegation. Simply put, everyone is curious about their history and how they arrived at their current position.

Its Impact on the Industry

We can say that MG Live is another software company that targets the Asian market. No provider gave much attention to this part of the globe until about the middle of the twenty-first century. At first, it was assumed that the gaming business would only expand in developed nations like the United States and Europe.

Although Macao has been dubbed the “Las Vegas of China” for decades, this has always been more of an anomaly than a norm. Companies such as Asia Gambling and MG Live, however, have mastered the art of luring players in that region. MG Live has established its credibility by providing an offering focused on table games like baccarat and Sic Bo.

However, that wasn’t all they accomplished. Not content with merely creating stable computer software, they also considered another crucial aspect: mobile device adoption. The amount of people using smartphones in Southeast Asia continues to rise, so MG Live optimized its service for both iOS and Android. They are not the only ones to take such a course of action, but the fact that they have chosen to do so speaks volumes.

Quality Service

The lightweight user interfaces, video quality, game voice, and flexible configuration choices all add up to powerful applications. Even though MG Live isn’t at the very top of its field, they render services with exclusive features built in. They need only fix a few minor problems here and there before they can consider a serious ascent.

Pros and Cons of MG Live Casino to Watch Out for

MG Live Casino

One of the earlier paragraphs mentioned that MG Live is focused on smartphone gaming. Well, to break that down further, their app performs superbly on smartphones whether in normal or lite mode. They obviously spent a lot of time making their user interface as simple as feasible for smoother gameplay.

When adapting games for use on mobile platforms, not even the best service providers are immune to making errors. This is primarily because there is less room to do anything on a smartphone screen. It typically has a width that is four to five times smaller than a system display.

Few people are up to the challenge of fitting the same quantity of information into such a small area. However, MG Live succeeded.

Nonetheless, that is not to say that the game is without flaws. Not at all, in fact. Having only five live casino games in one menu to bet on is hardly a robust offering. However, that’s all we get from this supplier.

Worse yet, three of the five games are variants of live baccarat, while the other two, roulette and sic-bo, each have only one simple variant. You will be left wanting more options for betting if you enjoy switching things up frequently when you play.

In any case, multitaskers will appreciate the option to play multi-table mode at once. On mobile devices, you can compete at another location simultaneously while in your present round. You can be in up to six different locations! That’s a lot more than the standard three to five live tables. The verdict is divided, but MG Live baccarat has a lot to offer baccarat and multiple tables fans.

MG Live Portfolio for Live Casino Games

Here is a list of games to bet on in MG casinos and win real money:

MG Live Baccarat Game

In MG Live Baccarat instant lobby, you can play a variety of baccarat games, including turbo versions. Some of these live baccarat games offer additional side wagers and features.

Each MG Live Baccrat table sits 7, but if they are all taken for an extended amount of time, more can be set up. Dragon Tiger, Phoenix Pair, and Tortoise Pair are just a few of the optional side wagers that can be made. This applies in the single-player game version of Bonus Baccarat. The Turtle Pair bet doesn’t appear frequently, so it’s nice to have in the pool.

If baccarat is your only gaming interest, you’ll be pleased with the present deal. No Commission Baccarat is the newest variant of the baccarat family. It adds an additional 0.4% house advantage on Banker wager wins thanks to the Super 6 side play (in comparison with Bonus Baccarat). In Super 6, the money payout is 12:1, but the casino advantage is 29.98%.

Once again, MG Live baccarat has produced a masterpiece. Too bad it doesn’t work for any of their other titles.

MG Live Blackjack Game

While MG Live’s rendition of the European casino staple is refined, it is not particularly out of this world. The roulette ball can be zoomed in on the site at crucial times, and the game has a straightforward UI. The availability of the track configuration facilitates login to the betting area, as well as Tiers, Orphelins, and Voisins du Zero bets.

A total of 157 bets can be made. MG Blackjack Live also has a better statistics area. With this, you can search out the percentage of winning bets, the percentage of winning spins, and the percentage of Hot and Cold numbers. All in all, it’s a complete set for a Blackjack game of ball and wheel.

One intriguing feature of the game is the option to make in-page wagers right from the data section. An additional convenient feature is the Favorites menu, which allows you to save up to six various wagers and stake formats. This is a fantastic addition for those who frequently sit at the site for extended periods of time.

MG Live Poker Games

MG Live doesn’t offer this genre of games, among others like live baccarat games. When it comes to variety, this service supplier is, once again, near the lowest. For example, their development will be boosted unquestionably if the number of tables they give increases. However, this has been delayed for a good while from Google indications.

Other MG Live Games

Try your hand at Sic Bo if you’re in the mood for another traditional Asian game of chance aside from live baccarat. Live Sic Bo game is enjoyed by gamblers of all skill levels due to its straightforward concept of wagering on the result of a dice throw. Traditional Sic Bo action is preserved in MG Live, with the addition of multi-table play to win more money.

Live Sic Bo is the recommended game to play at numerous locations as well. Even when you have five locations together, the UI from login to finish is brilliant. There are no other activities available, unfortunately.

It’s possible to lose interest in Live Sic Bo just as soon as you gained it, leaving you with only live baccarat and roulette. Traditional Asian diversions like Niu Niu, Adolescent Patti, and others would be greatly appreciated.

Does MG Live Stream from Real Casinos?

Yes, MG Live streams their live baccarat and other table games from their live casino for users to play. The first of the studio’s casinos are in the Philippines while the other is in Singapore. A quick Google search can show you where these casinos are located exactly. However, players’ main focus should simply be to login and enjoy!


It’s true that the MG Live Casino games provider may have its downsides. However, it’s worth noting that their baccarat game alone has brought them enough credits that you cannot ignore. If you want to see just how good this casino can get, try out their baccarat game to begin with. You would play with zero regrets!

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