Live 3 Card Poker Tips

3 Card Poker is game that can be played both in land based casino as well as online casinos. The new version of the live dealer 3 Card Poker brings much enthusiasm to players enjoying the real-time action.


Players on the table have the privilege of interacting fully as well as noting every move that goes by. Every live casino will die to play this casino game for its amazing visuals as well as the opportunity of cash payouts it offers.

Basic Tips of Play

The main idea offered by the 3 card Poker involves a play going past the hand of the dealer. Each card deck is played at a time with a new being revealed after the completion of the previous one. 3 card Poker will come along with a total of 7 potential winning combinations. These are the royal flush, straight flush, flush, straight, three or a kind, pair, and a high card. Each hand is entitled to its unique payouts.

A player places a bet, the dealer unveils three cards faced up and one tree faced down. The player will claim to play the hand or not. If a player decides to play the hand, the winning bet must be the same as the Ante bet. The revealing of the tree hand by the dealer will have the winning hand taking it all. For a dealer to win, the hand must be Queen or Higher. Lack of qualification ends up in a tie which pays 1:1 meaning the player will have his cash returned.

Playing Moves

3 Card Poker provides three betting circles with Pairs Plus on the top while Play and Ante bets on the bottom side. A play will be initiated through either Ante or Pair Plus circle. For an Ante bet, a bet is forfeited in case of a fold. In case a play is made, the Ante bet must be equivalent to the Play circle for a win.

Ante bet offers a player various bonuses if a player has a straight flush, a straight or three or a king. This may be in regards to whether the dealer qualifies or not. For Pairs Plus, a player will be awarded various bonuses after determining if a hand will hold a pair. This can be done without necessarily playing in the Ante Bet.

Six Card Bonus Bet

This is another special bonus that a player can claim. It involves the three cards from both the player and the dealer coming into play. For this scenario, the best five combined will bring in the five card poker hand. Creation of a three of a kind or better allows a player to scoop a win depending on the odds value. This will award a player with 7:1 side bet range. At the same time, the Royal Flush will have 100:1 winning odds.

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