Non-Smoking Casinos In Las Vegas: Are They Available?

Smoking in public in Vegas is illegal, and doing so will result in hefty fines and a visit from the authorities. Assuming you are the majority of the city’s population, you would not want to be served as a criminal in a host city, would you?

non smoking casinos

Marijuana, cigarettes, and vaping are examples of modern smoking. You cannot smoke in certain areas of the city, such as clubs and casinos, and smoking is permitted in casinos and resorts such as the Venetian and the Downtown Grand.

The hotels and resorts in Las Vegas have complete control over whether or not to allow smoking on their premises. They can only entertain in private areas, such as the lounge, which is why smoking is restricted to designated smoking areas and the casino floor. Some hotels even have entire smoking floors with suites for their customers.

Smoking Rules In Las Vegas

In comparison to other cities, Nevada’s smoking laws are a little lax. In Indiana, Michigan, and other states, no smoking is permitted. This includes hotels, casinos, and any public space in the state covered by the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act. Smoking is permitted in tobacco stores, bars, strip clubs, and casinos in Las Vegas. That, combined with the number of resorts offering smoking rooms, is sufficient for a smoker.

Breaking these laws can result in hundreds to thousands of dollars! Electronic cigarettes operate in legal limbo, as they are not classified as pollutants under state law. However, vaping is the same as smoking, so there is no comparison here.

Many serious gamblers smoke, and the casino feeds their habit. On casino floors, there are designated smoking areas. Exposing you to passive smoking would be unjust if you enjoy gambling. Casino developers in Las Vegas recognized this and established smoking-free zones in their establishments. You can access all of the games found in the smoking section, such as slots, video poker, and blackjack, but without the smoke.

Are There Smoke-Free Casinos In Vegas?

There aren’t any smoke-free casinos, but they do exist. If you want to gamble for fun in a smoke-free environment, you might wonder why casinos still allow smoking. Most high rollers are smokers, from whom casinos receive the most business. It would be insane for the managers of these casinos to turn off their money faucets, wouldn’t it?

However, due to the  Covid-19 pandemic, more casinos have adopted a smoke-free culture. It has primarily been due to government restrictions and directives to reduce virus transmission. Some establishments, such as Cromwell Hotel and Cirac Resorts, have branded themselves as adult-only establishments, only accepting patrons over the age of 21.

Park MGM is the only resort on the strip and in Vegas with a smoke-free casino. MGM has promised to look into similar options for their other properties as they become the first resort to go smokeless in 2020. However, other casinos have yet to adopt these practices.

Casinos With Smoke-Free Sections In Vegas

None smoking casinos

As a result, we will investigate resort casinos with smoke-free sections where you can gamble in a clean-air environment. They have everything from high-limit slots and tables to the inexpensive blackjack popular with tourists.

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Park MGM Las Vegas

Thankfully, the luxury resort on the strip, Park MGM, has a no-smoking policy. High-stakes slots and baccarat are available here. They’ve invested in cutting-edge interactive video poker that will keep you glued to your seat. Participate in one of the many table games available, including Roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold ’em, Blackjack, Craps, and 3-Card Poker.

NoMad Las Vegas

NoMad Las Vegas recently went smokeless as part of MGM’s effort to eliminate smoking from its casinos and hotels. Smoking is not permitted in the hotel rooms, lounge area, casino floor, or any other hotel area. Instead, they have designated private smoking areas where customers can indulge in their addiction.

Smoking is forbidden areas will result in a $500 deep cleaning fee and a bad rep with the hotel, which may prevent you from receiving complementary freebies in the future.

In their casino, you can play slots, table games, and video poker in a smoke-free environment. High-limit blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are also available at the hotel. The cherry on top will be no-commission baccarat, in which you keep 100% of your winnings.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Bellagio is famous for its free Bellagio Fountains Show, which takes place daily at the resort’s entrance. The Bellagio casino has a massive 156,000-square-foot gaming floor. Check out the beautifully designed sportsbook lounge, which features large display screens and comfortable seating to watch your favourite teams in action. The non-smoking area is jam-packed with games and a bar to quench your thirst.

The Mirage

The resort is geared toward gaming and having a good time on the gaming floor. The Mirage also has a section dedicated to non-smokers who want to gamble with small to large amounts. Arrive at the hotel and ask the casino concierge to show you the non-smoking areas of the casino.

The Venetian/Palazzo Las Vegas

The Venetian and The Palazzo Resort have a non-smoking section at their magnificent Italian casinos. You can enjoy the comfort of these fun games and great odds in slots at a location free from other smoking gamblers.

MGM Grand

Yet another MGM resort that caters to non-smokers. This establishment is the pinnacle of gambling fun, with a welcoming atmosphere. At your favourite MGM resort on the strip, you can enjoy various table games, poker, and slots.


There are many casinos in Las Vegas, but only Park MGM on the strip and NoMad Resort have adopted a smoke-free policy. You’ll be better off gambling at Park MGM or NoMad Hotel if you don’t smoke. McCarran International Airport is another smoke-free gambling location.

Smoking is prohibited in casinos on and off the Las Vegas Strip. But don’t expect them to be completely smoke-free today or next year. However, the concept of smoke-free casinos in Las Vegas is unavoidable.

Many have various gaming options, such as slots and video poker. If you don’t mind the airport gambling cliché, this could be an option. Otherwise, you’ll have to choose from the few resorts that have smoke-free areas in their casinos.

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