Can You Get Banned for Winning Too Often?

They might prohibit you if you win too much at the casino. However, this wouldn’t make statistical sense and would be detrimental to the casino’s reputation.

ban big winner

Is “winning too much” one of the many ways to get expelled from a casino? Despite the absurdity of the proposition, some people who may not be aware of casino laws may find it unsettling.

After all is said and done, keep in mind that a casino operator operates a private company and has the right to prohibit you for whatever reason they see fit. However, they would often still be required to pay you if you were banned after a sizable victory (and then ban you).

Always seek legal counsel from a qualified practitioner because these disputes frequently involve intricate details of the casino’s terms and conditions and local laws. Many attorneys will provide a free consultation, and some may even accept your case based on damages.

Will casinos ban consistent winners?

A genuine online casino administration cannot kick you out after you leave with a large amount of cash or other prizes. The casino could not refuse to pay you if you won a jackpot unless there was a malfunction, which they would have to demonstrate.

Asking yourself what casinos stand to gain by prohibiting their large winnings is a smart way to get the answer to this. People believe that operators try to avoid paying several winners equal to several months of earnings. However, it might be detrimental to casinos to prohibit a player who consistently wins.

Players are inclined to chat and spread rumors about being kicked out of a casino simply because they receive increasing rewards. If a banned player happens to be live-streaming the event of a significant win and then being kicked, rumors may go even farther. More harmful than forfeiting a player’s jackpot winnings is losing players’ confidence due to tales of cheating a player out of their award.

Casinos typically recognize a player’s success rather than prohibit repeat winners. When you win more money at online casinos than other players, you may anticipate your name being posted on a wall of fame. Casinos can encourage more individuals to play at their casinos by highlighting wins. 

A blackjack player in the UK won a $2.3 million ($1.7 million) prize in April 2021 because of a High Court dispute. In court, the operator, Betfred, claimed that a broken algorithm was to blame for the prize, and the player refuted this. The court also ordered the operator to pay the prizes plus interest.

Card Counting

Can card counting still result in a suspension if winning frequently does not? The bulk of physical casino rules state that the solution is quite complex. To begin with, and under your study, card counting is permitted everywhere. Some casinos won’t be able to prohibit you even if you have the mathematical prowess of a quantum computer and can earn five figures playing blackjack. One such is the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decision prohibiting discrimination against athletes based on their talent level.

On the other hand, certain casinos, including those in Nevada, strongly discourage counters at their blackjack tables. Although Las Vegas casino laws do not explicitly prohibit card counting, pit managers always look for card counters to kick off the property. Fortunately, if security manages to catch counters in the act, they are often issued a warning.

It helps to familiarize yourself with how particular casinos treat card counters before reading online forums, visitor reviews, or social media groups. This makes it possible to locate blackjack tables where you may unleash your inner Edward Thorp without being banned.

What Can Get You Banned from Casinos?

A ban will not result from success, card counting, or betting systems like the Martingale technique. Two behaviors, nevertheless, have the potential to attract unfavorable notice from casino security.


Cheating a casino—even very cunningly and subtly—gets you permanently barred and blacklisted at multiple other gaming establishments.

Physical Casinos

In every actual casino, cheaters use various techniques to get quick money. One of these strategies is “past posting,” in which a cheater swaps out little denomination chips for larger ones after winning a wager. Another strategy involves utilizing marked decks, in which casino staff replace the normal cards with bogus ones to reveal the worth of each card to cheats.

With attentive dealers, pit bosses, surveillance teams, and management, casinos make it very difficult for cheats to carry off any of their typical ploys. Be aware that security before the 1990s made cheating difficult at the time. In most contemporary casinos, AIs keep an eye on every player on the gaming floor, processing the data of every wager, and relaying the information to the casino employees. Any cheaters may be immediately caught in the middle of a game by security, who can then quietly have them removed from the venue. Arrests are typically made because cheating is forbidden.

Online Casinos

Hackers can use sophisticated methods, such as betting bots to gain an unfair advantage over online casinos. Based on the results, it observes that after some spins, bots or computers do complex calculations on various casino games, including slots. As they decipher the PRNG algorithm of a game, betting bots eventually discover a pattern. Using the identified trend, the intelligent program will place a wager at precise periods when casino cheats have the greatest advantage against the house.

How do these betting bots affect how online casinos react? Putting out fire with fire. Online gambling sites use AI-powered bots to scan their databases for questionable betting trends. Cheaters can be barred from casinos by operators thanks to sophisticated AIs built into gambling platforms.

Violating Casino Policy

There are still ways that a player might be expelled from a casino even if they lose all the time and are not cheating. When a player receives a poor beat, one example is to lose their cool or yell at the dealer. Another is annoying or harassing other customers by focusing on the table game or the slots. A customer will receive incorrect attention from casino management if they continue to violate basic manners.

Abusing a casino’s offer by opening several accounts on one online bookmaker is another basis for banning a casino. As long as they keep opening new accounts, cheaters can boost their chances of receiving enormous jackpots and meeting wagering requirements from free spins and deposit bonuses. Sadly, most casino systems have techniques for determining which accounts belong to one customer and whether they are breaking the “multiple-account” prohibition. These techniques frequently include locating each account’s IP and payment method.

You won’t get in danger if you consistently win or try card counting at a blackjack table. Any player can be barred from casinos if they defraud the house or break one of their regulations.

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