Crazy Time Casino Game

Crazy Time uses the Dream Catcher money wheel model. Interactive fun and excitement have reached new heights with the possibility of increasing multipliers by using the Top Slot in every game round and four bonus games. Advanced technology and interactive elements make it possible to win multipliers in any two of the four bonus game when you play crazy time.

crazy time game


Crazy Time is a popular live casino game in India, the game offers live entertainment game that combines advanced RNG gameplay with interactive elements, and it offers an unparalleled player experience and multipliers of up to 25,000x. There are also bonus games and the cash hunt bonus that players enjoy when they try the crazy time bonus game.

How To Play Crazy Time Live Casino Game

Crazy Time’s casino game is perfect for players who don’t like to deal with details or have to follow a lengthy list of rules. The live casino game can be played using a digital device, and the actual dealer is present in the studio. The game is played live via a stream, so everything is real.

Crazy Time has you standing in front of a large spinning wheel. Most wheel spindles consist of numbers, including 1, 2, 5, and 10. There are five numbers in a sequence: a bonus spindle, five numbers, and then another sequence with five numbers. Each sequence of numbers has more 1s and 2 than 5, or 10, but it also contains more 2s and 5s. This is because you must wager on the number you believe the wheel will land on. Your wager will be multiplied if you pick the correct number. Because most of the spokes are made up of these numbers, a wager on one or two will give you a better chance to win. There is a lower chance of winning if you bet on five or more numbers. But the rewards are much higher in this fun casino game.

What to Look For

You have four multiplier options, but there are four additional bonus features you can wager on. The Coin Flip Bonus Game is the bonus feature with the highest chance of landing on your wheel. And it is located on four spokes, and it is easy to grasp the concept of a bonus function. To get the multiplier, you will need to do a coin flip.

The Cash Hunt! The bonus is located on two spokes and will take you to a screen with multipliers. These icons are then shuffled around, and you can choose the icon that reveals a multiplier. You can also find the Pachinko bonus on two spokes. This one shows a selection of cash prizes at the bottom. The ball will drop towards the prizes and bounce around until it lands on one of them.

Crazy Time bonus game is the most lucrative of all bonus features. Because there is only one way to get the Crazy Time bonus game, this is the most difficult wager to place. This bonus will take you to another wheel, where 200x your wager is possible.

Important Things To Read:

How to Play

The game starts on Crazy Time. First, the player faces the game wheel. Next, they choose from eight possible places to place their wager. This means that no matter how large your bankroll is, you can place a bet at a similar level.

You can place a bet on many outcomes, including the following.

Number 1: ( 20 places on the wheel)

Number 2: (14 positions on the steering wheel)

Number 5: (7 positions on the wheel)

Number 10: (4 positions on the steering wheel)

Cash Hunt Coin Flip (4 positions on the wheel)

Pachinko Bonus Round (two positions on the wheel)

Cash Hunt ( 2 spots on the wheel)

Crazy Time ( Position 1 on the Wheel )

After all, bets are placed, the wheel will spin. Crazy Time is different from other wheel-based casino games. During the wheel’s spin, an additional multiplier will be activated. The multiplier will stop at any number between 50x and 8 outcomes, and this final result will be multiplied by the multiplier. The wheel will slow down and eventually stop once the multiplier for the bonus round or enhanced win has been calculated. The flapper determines the final winner at the top of your wheel.

Crazy Time Payouts

It is easy to calculate the payouts from Crazy Time’s wheel. The payouts for the numbers on the wheel are proportional to their value. For example, landing on number 2 will result in a payout of 2:1, while landing on number 10 will result in a 10:1 payout. Crazy Time bonus rounds have their own amazing odds. Coin Flip offers a maximum return rate of 500:1, while Cash Hunt has a return rate of 500:1.

If doubles are hit, Crazy Time and Pachinko could have huge odds. Pachinko has odds of 10,000 to 1, while Crazy Time is at 20,000x. Your stake will be multiplied by the multiplier if the multiplier has been applied for the outcome you have placed your bets on.

The Basics

The new wheel’s density was the first thing we noticed. The wheel is very colorful and each color can represent a different type or win. There are four types of win: a blue 1x, yellow 2x and pink 5x. A purple 10x is also available. These cash tiles can be interrupted frequently by special feature tiles that players can place to activate a bonus.

This release is expected to launch sometime in July, according to the developers. We may see some changes to the wheel or bonuses between now and launch.

The same rules apply to betting as with Dream Catcher. Place your bet on which number will land on the wheel to win it. Crazy Time will award a cash prize of 10x if Crazy Time draws that number.

You can also place a bet on any of the four features this game offers. You must place a wager on it to be eligible for each bonus. You can’t play a bonus if you haven’t placed a wager on it. Evolution Gaming claims that you will be entered into a bonus round for every sixth spin, and this increases your winning potential.

Bonus Game

We’ll start with the multiplier, and it appears after each round. You can use the multiplier to apply to any of the eight things you can place a bet on. This includes any of the 4 numbers or any of the 4 bonuses that you can draw.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is the first bonus. You first see a screen with multipliers. The multipliers then transform into colorful symbols, and the icons then move around the board, hiding the exact position of the multipliers. Evolution allows you to pick a multiplier by using a cannon.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip’s premise is simple. There are two sides to the coin: one red, one blue. Each side will be assigned a multiplier, and you win the multiplier for that color if you flip the coin.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is both the name and bonus of the game. This wheel can score as high as 200x in one go. You can draw a double, which doubles your chances of winning! Three flappers are included on the large wheel, and players can choose from them. The prize at the end is determined by which flapper you choose.


Pachinko will reveal a large screen in purple with prizes at its bottom. Evolution will randomly choose which tile to drop the ball. The ball doesn’t travel straight down, and it bounces around, so you don’t know which prize you’ll get.

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