How Much Do Casinos Make In A Day

Most people believe that operating a casino equates to having the authority to print money. But is this the case? Continue reading to learn how much a casino makes each day.

How Much Casinos Make

Most people believe that operating a casino is essentially a license to print money. But is this the case? Is casino income so amazing, or do the gloss and glamour only cover weak foundations?

Average Daily Casino Profit

The average daily profit a casino makes depends on many factors; casinos are companies just like any other, and some are operated effectively and others not so well. After all, there are times when casinos fail!

We can, however, obtain a general notion of the daily profit the most well-known casinos are earning by looking at the financial records of some of the largest casino firms.

The coronavirus pandemic is another cause. However, it did not have the same adverse effects on internet casinos as on traditional casinos. To ensure that this incident doesn’t skew the numbers, we will examine the 2019 revenues.

Online Casinos

The largest online casino operator in the world is The Flutter Group. Among its brands are Betfair, PaddyPower, and PokerStars.

Sports betting accounts for most of its earnings; in 2019, it brought in £2.14 billion ($2.95 billion) in revenue, with casino games accounting for the remaining 23%. It made £136 million ($187 million) in profit before taxes, or a margin of about 6%.

Flutter earned an estimated $500,000 in 2019 or an average daily profit of £370,000. Of course, it is dispersed throughout several sites, but it’s still highly astounding considering that this is all from gaming.

Another huge online gambling company is 888. However, they focus more on casino games than sports wagering. They collected $530 million in income in 2019, $441 $105 million from online casino games, and $90 million from sports betting. Their yearly profit for 2019 was $45.3 million, or $0.12 million per day.

Land-Based Casinos

Online casinos often make less money than land-based casinos. Let’s examine a few instances.

One of the most well-known casinos in the world is the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The MGM Group, which also owns eight more casinos in Las Vegas and countless additional establishments around the US and China, is the owner of this casino.

In MGM’s 2019 annual report, Bellagio reported a $465 million pre-tax profit. The average profit each day is $1.27 million.

The MGM Springfield in Massachusetts is at the other extreme of the spectrum. It generated a $34 million yearly profit, or about $100,000 daily. Even so, it’s not bad considering that it just opened.

Casinos on the ground are the most profitable in Macau, China. Look no farther than The Venetian Macao, which generated $1.4 billion in pre-tax profit in 2019—an average profit of $3.85 million daily. The second-largest casino in the world is The Venetian Macao, owned by the Sands Group.

Why then do land-based casinos generate higher daily profits than internet casinos? One crucial factor is that, in addition to their casino games, land-based casinos offer a variety of other revenue streams.

How Much Do Las Vegas Casinos Make in a Year?

Many Las Vegas casinos get a sizable portion of their yearly revenues from sources besides gaming. Items like:

  • Accommodation
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Shopping Malls
  • Conventions
  • Entertainment events

The annual revenues of MGM’s nine casinos in Las Vegas are broken down in the 2019 MGM report. They brought in $5.8 billion in total income throughout the year. This consisted of $1.3 billion from casinos and $4.5 billion from other sources (rooms, food, etc.), drink, shopping, and entertainment). Slot machines contributed $1.2 billion to the casino’s income, and table games like blackjack contributed $800 million.

The popularity of slots in Las Vegas casinos is evident. Customers of the MGM company from Las Vegas put $13 billion into its slot machines in 2019, and MGM’s profit margin was slightly under 10%. Few people play table games (such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack), but they are more lucrative: $3 billion was spent on MGM’s table games in Las Vegas, with MGM receiving a 22 percent stake.

Poker takes up a lot of space and contributes a very modest amount to casino earnings. Slot machines would be more profitable for a casino to install than its poker room. In certain locations, this has occurred. However, most bigger casinos do so since they know that poker players will also spend money on other casino games, lodging, and meals.

The MGM group’s revenue from hotel rooms, which has an annual occupancy rate of 91 percent and $1.9 billion in revenue, is just as significant as that from gaming machines. The $1.2 billion in income from food and beverage sales across MGM’s nine Las Vegas hotels wasn’t far behind.

The annual revenue is just the amount of money collected before deducting expenses. Casinos incur a lot of costs, whether they are physical establishments or online.

Online Casino Expenses

In comparison to physical casinos, online casinos spend less money. They are not inexpensive to operate, and they continue to incur significant overhead.


Marketing is one of an online casino’s most significant expenses, and fierce rivalry makes it challenging to draw in and retain clients. The Flutter Group spent £465 million ($640 million) on sales and marketing in 2019, accounting for 20% of their total revenues of $2.14 billion ($2.95 billion).

In 2019, 888 spent $162 million on marketing, or close to one-third of their earnings.

Internet casinos support various events and professions in addition to traditional advertising (TV, print, and online).

Software Providers

You won’t get very far if your online casino software is janky. Customers just won’t tolerate it; they have high expectations, and if you can’t meet them, there are plenty of rivals who can.

When someone is betting on one of your casino games, you simply cannot take the chance of it collapsing.

People also need variety; 888, for instance, offers almost 1000 different casino games.

Additionally, it’s not just the games. Additionally, online casinos gather information on player behavior and utilize it to tailor each user’s experience by suggesting new games and deals. Modern technology is needed for this, yet it is not cheap!

License Costs

To operate, online casinos need a variety of licenses. Most governments have strict regulations on gambling. Not simply the expense of obtaining all the necessary permits but also the cost of the specialized employees required to ensure that you do so in the first place.

Website Fees

Running a website that can handle thousands of daily users requires a lot of money, and your domains must be purchased and hosted. Larger casinos frequently operate their servers, and an online casino’s operating costs increase as it grows in size.

Additionally, online casinos must take extensive measures to ensure that all data is safe. There is a lot of money on the line, and you cannot accept the chance that hackers will steal from you because of the financial cost and the reputational danger.


Online casinos are subject to two taxes: first, general gambling taxes are applied to all of their “sales,” and second, regular company taxes are applied to their annual earnings. For instance, Flutter was required to pay 17.5 percent of its profit in corporation tax in the UK in addition to paying “Remote Gaming Duty” of 21 percent of its total sales.


Although they don’t employ as many people as conventional land-based casinos, online casinos have a sizable workforce. They require a sizable customer support staff in addition to the marketing, legal, and IT teams that we have already discussed. Additionally, several internet casinos hire dealers for “live” table games that mimic the atmosphere of a physical casino.

Land-Based Casino Expenses

Operating a physical casino is more expensive for land-based casinos than internet ones, although they share many of the same expenses.

Staff Salary

For physical casinos, payroll represents a considerable expense. Doormen, waiters, bartenders, cooks, dealers, floor managers, pit bosses, slot attendants, concierges, and security personnel are all needed (including camera operators).

Most land-based casinos also include hotels; therefore, such employees are also needed. Additionally, although many casinos only pay the bare minimum to most of their employees, who must rely on gratuities from casino patrons to make a livable salary, the personnel expenses continue to mount.

Gaming Taxes

Nevada’s state government received $622 million in gaming taxes from the casino sector in 2020. Casinos must pay 6.75 per cent of their gross gaming earnings or the money they win from bettors. However, a poll will be held in 2022 to raise this to 9.75 percent.

Compared to other countries, this is relatively cheap; for instance, casinos in Monte Carlo must pay a 15% charge.

On top of this, there are additional company taxes and the price of numerous gaming licenses.

Utility Bills

Casinos are known for having no windows and being open continuously; therefore, electricity is used to illuminate them.

About one-third of a Las Vegas casino’s energy costs go toward lighting. Casinos must be air-conditioned because Las Vegas is also a hot location. Of course, slot machines also require electricity.

Why are the casino’s electricity costs so high? A quarter of the electricity used in Las Vegas is used by casinos, which also use up to five times more additional energy per square foot than hospitals.

A power outage is also unaffordable for a casino since it would leave the entire building in the dark. Therefore, they must have a reliable backup mechanism in place. And that is costly.


Comps are gifts a casino will provide a customer as an incentive for gambling. Depending on how much they appreciate you as a client, they may gift you something. Casinos offer free hotel rooms, airfare, concert tickets, and even private jet flights for high rollers, in addition to complimentary beverages, which are available to pretty much everyone.

Although the concept is that clients spend more money at the tables than the cost of the comps, it’s still a significant price that must be considered.

Unpaid Debts

When visiting a physical casino, most patrons purchase chips with cash. Today, however, it’s simpler than ever to obtain a marker, i.e., a line of interest-free credit that the casino provides for gambling.

After receiving your completed form and credit report, the casino determines how much to loan you. After that, you must repay it (usually within 30 days).

In the past, only the high rollers received markers, but today, almost 25% of casino patrons utilize this type of credit.

These markers are unsecured, so the casino cannot seize anything if the debtors default on them. To try and recover the debt, the casinos must write letters, work with collection agencies, or even take the debtor to court.

However, this isn’t still the case, specifically if the client is a foreign national or if they take out a sizable loan.

Remember the proverb, “If you owe the bank $1,000, that’s your issue; if you owe the bank $1,000,000, that’s their problem.” It’s doubly true for casinos, though.

Casinos are required to keep a reserve for “doubtful accounts” that they know will likely not be reimbursed. The allowance for questionable accounts at MGM for 2019 was $88 million, which is a sizable sum.

But don’t feel too bad for the casinos. Only because the gamblers misplaced it at their tables are they owed the money! You cannot expect to win a lot of money with credit and walk away with your winnings.

How do Casinos Pay Big Winners?

Most casino games only allow you to win big if you wager a lot or have a long streak of good luck.

For instance, roulette has some of the most incredible table game odds, paying out 36-to-1 if you correctly predict the number the ball will stop. However, winning will not improve your life unless you risk thousands of dollars on this long shot.

The real life-changing sums are earned on progressive slots. These slot machines contribute a portion of each wager to a jackpot that increases over time until it is won. The jackpot may grow to tens of millions of dollars because it is difficult to beat. The largest prize ever was close to $40 million.

As you might expect, the casino could not provide the happy winner with $40 million in cash. Instead, most winnings over a certain amount (often $100,000 unless you’re a high roller) are paid through wire transfer as either a lump payment or a structured settlement where the winner receives a specific amount each month or year.

The benefit of receiving your entire amount at once outweighs the negative of having to settle taxes on it all at once.

Although inflation may reduce the value of your award, and you’ll be handing the casino an interest-free loan, the structured settlement will provide a constant income. However, some businesses will purchase your settlement directly from you at a lower cost.

As you can see, both online and land-based casinos generate outstanding daily profit statistics. But operating them also costs a lot. After all, you need money to create money!

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