Learn how To Play the Indian Card Game Teen Patti Online

What exactly is Teen Patti ?
Teen Patti is a famous card game that originated in India and is also known as ‘Flush’ or ‘Flash.

teen patti online

To play Teen Patti before, players had to physically join tables together. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now easily access online tables to play the Teen Patti game.


Here’s how To Play Teen Patti, Including Game Rules, Hand Rankings, Types, and Winning Strategies

Patti the Teenage Queen

With a deck of 52 cards, the Teen Patti game can be played by 3 to 7 people (without joker cards). The dealer distributes three cards face down to each player in a clockwise direction. Before picking the cards, each participant contributes a certain amount into the pot. Betting begins with the player to the dealer’s immediate left. On his turn, a player must gamble or pack (fold his cards) according to the strength of his cards.


To help novice players understand the foundations of the card game, there are several video lessons, blogs, discussion forums, and other resources available online. To learn the basics of the game, you can play on free online Teen Patti tables.


Teen Patti Game Instructions

The boot amount is initially set by the participants. The boot amount is the sum of money that each player must give to the pot in order to participate in the game.

Three cards are dealt face-down to each player. The player to the left of the dealer button starts the betting. On his turn to act, you can choose to gamble (keep playing) or fold his cards based on the strength of his in-hand cards. Players have no choice but to keep their cards.

Players choose whether to play’seen’ (after viewing his cards) or ‘blind’ after the cards are dealt (without seeing his cards). Blind players can switch to’seen’ mode at any time while playing. The boot amount is the first stake for the first person to gamble.


Blind Players Must Adhere to The Following Rules:

If the player in front of you is playing ‘blind,’ you can gamble the same amount as the current stake or half of it.

If the player before you is playing’seen,’ you can bet the same amount as the current stake or double it.


Players who play in public must adhere to the following rules:

You can bet twice or quadruple your current stake if the player before you is playing ‘blind.’

If the player before you is playing’seen,’ you can bet the same amount as the current stake or double it.

The’showdown’ occurs at the end of the betting rounds, when the remaining players reveal their cards. When just two players are left in the game, they must pay a stake for the’show.’

If you’re playing in the dark –

You must pay the current stake if your opponent is likewise playing ‘blind’.

You must pay half the current stake if your opponent is playing’seen.’

You are not permitted to look at your cards before paying for the performance.

If you want to be seen –

You must pay the current stake if your opponent is likewise playing ‘blind’.

You must pay double the current stake if your opponent is playing blind.


In a Teen Patti online game, the player with the highest-ranking hand wins. If all but one of the players fold their cards during the betting rounds, the game stops immediately, and the remaining player is declared the winner. Unlike most card games, Teen Patti does not have a betting limit.

There are numerous online gaming platforms that offer all of the popular Teen Patti cash game varieties around the clock. The game is available for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Many gaming websites have an instant-play option that allows gamers to play Teen Patti online without having to download the programme.


Hand Ranking of Teen Patti

Three cards of the same rank (trio/trail/three of a kind). For example, Triple 5 or Triple A.

Straight Flush (Straight Run) – Three cards in a row of the same suit. For example, 2, 3, 4 in Club or J, Q, K in Spade.

Normal Run (Sequence) – Three cards in a row that aren’t of the same suit. The 10 of Spades, J of Club, and Q of Diamond, for example.

Three cards of the same suit but not in order (colour flush). For example, J, 10, 9 of Spades.

Two cards of the same rank form a pair. The highest and lowest pairs are A, A, K and 2, 2, 3. If two players have the same rank of cards, the winner is determined by comparing the kicker card.

Three cards that are not in order, are not the same suit or colour, yet have the highest rating card. If two players have the same high card, the second and third highest cards are compared. The strongest high-card hand is A, K, J, while the worst hand is 5,3,2.

Hand Frequency Probability

  • Probability Odds Cumulative
  • Trio 52/Three Of A Kind
  • 424.00:1 0.24 percent 0.24 percent
  • 48 0.22 percent 0.45 percent 459.42:1 Straight Flush/Pure Sequence
  • 720 3.26 percent 3.71 percent 29.69:1 Straight/Sequence
  • Flush/Colour 1096
  • 19.16:1 4.96 percent 8.67 percent
  • 4.90:1 Pair 3744 16.94 percent 25.61 percent
  • 16440 74.39 percent 100.00 percent 0.34:1 No Pair/High Card
  • 0.00:1 Total 22,100 100.00 percent 100.00 percent

Variations of the Teen Patti game

Online, you can play all of the popular varieties of the game. On the internet, some of the most popular Teen Patti versions are:

High-low – In this form, the lowest-valued card becomes the most valuable. Similarly, the most valuable card becomes the least valuable. The remainder of the rules remain unchanged.

Face-down on the table, two piles of three cards are made. The top card is a Joker, which is accessible to all of the players. Players make offers to buy the piles before the game begins. The player who purchased the pile can use the cards in the pile to replace the cards in his hand.

Alternate cards are utilised to determine the highest-ranking hand instead of three cards in sequence. In this form, for example, instead of A-2-3, A-3-5 is considered a hand.

Players are dealt two cards face down and one card face up (community card). To win, you must make the best hand possible with these three cards.

Players can discard some of their cards and request new ones after card distribution.

999 – The player must get the number 9-9-9 to win. The game is won by the person who holds the cards that are closest to 9-9-9.

Discard one/best of four- Instead of three cards, each player receives four. They must preserve three cards and discard one that they do not believe would be useful. The remainder of the rules are unchanged.

Three Joker cards (wild cards) are placed face down on the table. When a player folds, the new three Jokers are his cards.

The king and tiny cards are utilised as Joker cards. The Joker card is also the smallest card in your hand.

2 Cards Open – Players cannot play ‘blind’ in this variant. Three cards are dealt to each player (two cards face-up and one card face-down). Players make decisions depending on their estimates of the face-down card’s value.


The distinction between offline and online Patti the teen?

Regardless of whether you play online or offline, the game’s rules remain the same. Your ultimate goal is to outsmart your opponents and extract as many chips as possible. Playing 3 Patti online is more convenient than playing live because you may select the table and game type that best suits your needs from the comfort of your own home. To play the games, you must first make an account on a Teen Patti website.


Is there a difference between Teen Patti and Poker?

Although it is a popular misconception that Teen Patti is similar to poker, the truth is that they are not.

Unlike Poker, Teen Patti games are entirely dependent on luck. On the basis of random estimates, players wager on which of them has the best three-card hand. Teen Patti is considered a game of chance because no skills are required.

Poker is a skill-based game that differs significantly from other card games, particularly Teen Patti. It’s a strategy and wits game that tests your logical reasoning, math skills, and understanding of probability concepts. To get the desired results in Poker, strategic planning and preparation are essential.

According to an Indian Supreme Court judgement, games of skill are those in which “success is based primarily on the player’s better knowledge, training, attention, experience, and adroitness.”

Throughout the year, Adda52, one of India’s most popular gaming websites, organises cash games and tournaments of all popular poker varieties such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Crazy Pineapple. To play online, a player will need a gaming device with an active internet connection, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You may quickly register on Adda52 with your email address and begin playing real money poker games.


Poker not only entertains but also offers the chance to win big money.


You can also install the Adda52 Poker App on your Android or Mac device to continue playing your favourite game uninterrupted.


Term Definitions

The boot amount is the ante/forced bet received by the players.

The pot is the total quantity of chips wagered on the table by all players during the betting rounds.

Blind – Playing without seeing the cards in your hand.

After seeing the cards, you play.

FAQ for the Teen Patti Game


How can you play Teen Patti online?

The steps to get started are as follows:

Select a gaming platform for online play.

Make a user account.

Make a deposit into your account.

Come to the table.

Teen Patti is available 24 hours a day on a variety of gaming platforms.


How can you increase your odds of winning at Teen Patti?

Players can read blogs, view video lessons, or join online gaming forums to learn how to play the Teen Patti card game. Players can play games for free on some gaming platforms. To deepen your understanding of the foundations of Teen Patti games, you can play practise games.

Here are some helpful hints for success in the online Teen Patti game:

  • Never put more money on the table than you have in your bankroll.
  • Make a wager only if you are sure in your hand’s strength.
  • Keep a close eye on your opponents’ moves to predict their hand strength.

If you’re on a losing run, you should leave the table. There are times when things do not go as planned, and there is nothing you can do about it. To ensure that you play the game with a cool and tranquil head, you must learn how to control your emotions.

Is Teen Patti a skill game?
With their knowledge and talents, the participants cannot impact the game’s final conclusion. As a result, Teen Patti is seen as a game of chance.

Is it permissible to play Teen Patti in India?
Teen Patti and other casino games are governed by state legislation in India. It is unlawful in some places to play Teen Patti for real money.

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