5 amazing ways of Playing Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is considered to have the same description to Baccarat system of betting and Casino War’s basis. With two cards each with Tiger or Dragon spot, the game becomes very easy for all players including beginners. It was first developed in Cambodia and its popularity has grown in the Asian continent.

dragon tiger game

Betting on Tiger or Dragon
This forms the basic as well as the best betting option in the game. It does well to all players wishing to play without any card counting or any format but to maintain Tiger and Dragon bets. With 3.73% on house edge bets, this option will pay more when incorporating the Tiger hand or the Dragon hand.

Counting Cards to be a better match in Live Dragon Tiger
There are few cards involved in this game and hence a player is able to know the number of cards that have been dealt by the dealer. Moreover, a player is able to keep an eye on the 7s dealt as having any 7 in a game means a draw which replicates to a loss.

Incorporating a Suit-based tactic
Most consider Dragon Tiger a game which is based on luck. However, it can also be won via a strategic point of view. The main idea here is making sure that you have an idea of the specific suit that has been dealt more often. Making a calculation on the number of suits dealt and the ones remaining on the deck is crucial to strike a win.


Don’t engage in Tie Bet
The tie bet usually pays a massive 8 to 1 and its main agenda is making players big bucks. On the other hand, it comes along with house edge of 32.77% in a bet. This is how the Tie Bet becomes rare to win. There are a total of 86,320 hand combinations. Out of these, only 6,488 are suitable ties. This means that there are 79,872 chances that you will lose in this bet. Worse still, there are just 1,456 ties to have ever been won and hence making it the hardest win to crack.

Disengage Betting Systems in Dragon Tiger
One may think that incorporating betting system in Dragon Tiger can be the strategic agenda to win big. However, this format has never had any winner who scoops it all in casino games. It’s advisable to avoid betting systems at all cost.

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