15 Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

The fact that the casino always prevails is frequently due to the numerous well-kept secrets hidden in plain sight. Let’s find out some.

casino secrets

Casino and gambling operators have some well-kept secrets concealed in plain sight, which is frequently why the house always wins. The most thrilling information that casinos do not want you to know is included here. Read on to find out more.

Slots Are Strategically Placed

Every casino places slots with an eye toward profitability. Almost no business will distribute a random variety of spaces around its floor.

The locations with the highest traffic are the ones that managers and casino owners concentrate on while reviewing their floor designs. Premium slots are those with high traffic, which are frequently close to the entrance or spots that link to other casino areas, including internal malls or hotels.

The most money is wagered on these games when we refer to them as premium slots. The slots you see further back are either ignored by most players or get lower wagers than the industry standard. The superb casino slots are always found in the overlooked cabinets; you can be sure of that.

Slots are programmed to spend less than others.

New players might wonder why they are obtaining fewer wins in a single game yet more significant winnings for every 100 spins on a single slot machine. This results from the variation rate of the game. Variance calculates each game’s risk-to-reward ratio.

You want slots with a mid-range RTP and high volatility if you want more excellent payouts. With this slot machine, you may double or triple your original bankroll after numerous spins in exchange for the increased risk and fewer rewards.

Slots Connect You With Smaller But More Frequent Wins

You probably play on a slot machine with a high RTP when you experience more winning spins on a particular game. A statistical indicator of how much a slot machine can provide is called return to player (RTP). Keep track of your earnings from this game because the payouts on these slots are often low for each victory.

Slot machines with an increased return to player (RTP) are designed to keep you playing so that you progressively lose a significant portion of your bankroll to the house. On the other hand, with this type of slot machine, you have complete control over your losses.

Slots don’t get hot or cold

There are no such things as hot or cold slot machines; your odds of winning change depending on the situation. Additionally, you won’t ever discover a slot machine hack that will increase your chances of winning. Your chances of winning remain the same whether you play in the morning or the evening or after a casino staff member has repaired a machine.

Sadly, there is no chance to alter the payout rate for digital slots. All slot machines generate the symbols that land on the reels on each spin using a PRNG algorithm. The myth and fallacy that slots go on winning or losing streaks are probably the most widely believed.

Casinos Hide Windows and Clocks to Trick Your Perception of Time

Go into any casino on the planet. You’ll see that there is no way for you to tell the time or view the outside. Security may kindly ask you to put your phone away if you are seen staring at it for an extended period.

Any evidence that you spent hours playing on a casino floor will be erased. You risk losing your cash to the casino if you keep playing. Windows are a source of inefficiency and revenue loss for casinos.

Game Developers Use Fun Animations to Distract You When You Lose

Every time you play a round of a digital casino RNG game, you can expect eye-catching visuals and sounds. It makes sense that every triumph, even significant ones, will result in compelling images and sounds.

Observe the motion and music when you lose, though. Take note of how they make you feel like you are just missing one scatter symbol to start the bonus feature or that you are close to receiving an enormous reward. These animations aim to make you feel terrible enough to keep spinning the reels in hopes of triggering the endorphin-rich soundtrack and images of a significant payoff.

Huge Jackpots are Played Across Multiple Casinos

Major progressive slots are interconnected throughout several casinos around the country and may quickly surpass the $1 million cap. A little amount of each player’s stake goes toward the progressive jackpot, and a game’s jackpot might increase as more people play it, depending on how many players there are. Due to its interconnected progressive slots, the best-paying Las Vegas casinos frequently offer jackpot payouts above $1 million.

Popular progressive slots use a tiny portion of player wagers from each machine nationwide and abroad to amass their enormous jackpot amounts. This is how jackpot prizes from games like Mega Moolah may exceed $10 million.

Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette Contain the Best Odds

Blackjack, craps, and roulette have the lowest house edges of all the games on the gaming floor, ranging from 0.5 per cent to 2.70 per cent, respectively. According to these figures, your chances of earning a significant payment when playing these games are greater than 97%.

It’s crucial to remember that players must employ fundamental blackjack methods and place the appropriate bets when playing craps due to the significant house edge. The house always has the advantage if you play roulette on a table containing the numbers 0 and 00. Play on the 0 square on the roulette wheel to improve your chances of beating the house.

Casinos Have the Right to Ban You if You Win Too Much and Too Often

Casinos keep an eye out for significant rewards. The attention of casino security will be drawn to you when you win a particular sum, which often ranges from $10K to $50K. Casino employees will visit players who consistently win and build their bankrolls to incredible heights. If this applies to you, expect a courteous warning that they cannot afford you and a request to leave the gaming area.

It’s vital to remember that casinos have the legal right to prohibit you from playing since you are on their premises. If you win a sizable payment in one game, you won’t be blacklisted or denied your earnings.

Online Casinos Tempt Players with Amazing Bonuses so They Play More

The purpose of promotions that double your deposits or offer you free spins is to get you to spend money on their games. Casino bonuses make you feel like you have a considerable bankroll. Unfortunately, before you can withdraw and use any rewards you get as your own money, they must first be wagered.

After using all their bonuses, a player must risk their deposited funds to achieve the exact total before receiving their bonuses. Once they have spent their money, they will probably continue the same cycle of squandering their deposited funds by taking advantage of the subsequent promotion to earn further incentives.

Casinos Love to Make You Think You Can Win

Some betting strategies, like the martingale system, are meant to give gamblers the impression that they have a superior advantage over the house. These betting strategies, however, have been disproven to offer very little to no advantages to any participants. This also covers utilizing a card shuffling machine or card counting on blackjack tables with six to eight shoes (CSM).

It pays to use fundamental methods while playing games like blackjack to keep things simple and think like an expert. The primary purpose of betting systems, card counting, and other “smart” tactics is to increase the casino’s revenue at the players’ expense.

Some players don’t even take bathroom breaks

Some players have less time to consider politely urinating when the slots are paying out or when they are on a significant winning streak. If you believe this is unrealistic, you haven’t lived a security or casino staff member’s life.

Dealers and pit managers frequently relate tales of players who use adult diapers to prolong their playing sessions. Additionally, it’s not as uncommon as you imagine to hear horror stories of gamers who committed crimes while seated.

Faster dealers work at night

If you have frequented casinos for a while, you may have noticed that the night shift is when the fastest and most skilled dealers work. These dealers can process more than 50 hands in an hour, which enables tables to accept as many wagers as possible.

Sources claim that speedier card tables work best at night when more customers frequent a casino. Due to the pressure to make a selection within the allotted time, players frequently make poor choices.

casino dealers

Most casino chips have embedded RFID chips

Renowned casinos employ radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips for various functions, including security. Casinos can follow each RFID-embedded chip’s progress. The deactivation of all stolen Bellagio Casino chips makes them unusable. The Bellagio casino in Las Vegas prevented a $1.5 million heist in 2010 owing to RFID technology. Additionally, since RFID tags give casinos a way to validate their chips, they essentially eliminate the possibility of faking chips.

Through the use of RFID chips, casino management may also identify important customers inside their establishment. Staff may monitor any unusual betting patterns or frequent victories among players by employing the chips. Furthermore, management may discover high rollers or heavy spenders among their clientele. The casino personnel may offer these high rollers a variety of incentives, such as free meals and lodging, to keep them gambling.

Only higher denomination chips, such as active RFID tags that broadcast their signal to a base station, employ RFID chips. RFID technology on pricey chips also makes it simpler for employees to locate a sizable portion of their wages. RFID gambling chips have helped thwart several significant theft attempts and con games.

Casinos keep you awake with lights and sounds

Despite the commotion and lights all around them, observe how most players are focused on the screen of a casino RNG game and completely aware. All of this is achieved by the animations, music, and sound effects each game produces.

You can spend more money than you intended on slot machines, video poker, or keno machines since they keep you constantly on the move. Customers who have used up most of their bankrolls will exit the venue for the day.

Almost every tip on this list demonstrates how casinos may increase their profit margins while protecting their revenue from theft. Knowing these tricks is also suitable for learning how to outsmart the home.

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