Sic Bo Tips

People have seen Sic Bo being the easiest dice game ever. It is more popular than craps. New players may think the game is hard to play at first glance but in reality, Sic Bo has proven to be very easy to play.Three dice are used in the play and the player bets on the possible outcome. It is advisable to have a basic knowledge of the game before going on the bet on real money in live Sic Bo.

sic bo tips

Playing mode
Playing this game has proven to be the easiest part as players are only required to have a clue on the dice value being thrown. Out of the three dices, players can accrue the results of one, two or all dices being rolled. Multiple bets are eligible in one game and different payouts are awarded to every bet. The dealer rolls the dices and the payouts are done in relation to the bets placed.

Moves to incorporate
There are two basic bets in Sic Bo; the Big bets and Small bets. For a Small bets, the total of the three dices must be between 4 and 10 while those of Big bets must range from 11 to 17. A game may be a loss to a player if all three dices have the same value.

There is also the Double bet whereby a play wages on two of the dices having the same value which more often than not will range from 1 to 6. This will give out payouts of 10:1. Other than this, there is the Triple bet. In this case, all the three dices must have the same value ranging from 1 to 6. The payout here is 30:1 and incase of a special triple bet, the payout moves up to 180:1.

There are also the Total and Combination bets offered while playing Sic Bo. The total bet brings out the total value of the three dices ranging from 4 to 17. Its payout varies from time to time in relation to the probability. The combination bet on the other hand brings out the specific number of two of the three dices. This brings in a payout of 5:1.

Single bets are also offered at Sic Bo with a player betting on the outcomes of one or two dices. New players may see this game more difficult to play but following the required steps makes it a piece of cake.

Establishing the Best Sic Bo Bets
Sic Bo is an easy game to play. However, it is upon a player to have knowledge on the best odds as well as the right bet to wage. Pay table gives all this information and can be seen in live dealer, free gaming as well as standard online games. This clear understanding helps a player to know the best time to bet and when not to.

5 Guidelines for Playing Live Sic Bo

The Live Sic Bo has seen its popularity grow from its area of origin East Asia across the Europe. The dice oriented casino game is much easier to play unlike craps. This is due to the fact that players can incorporate a number of wagering tactic which will also bring in more fun.


Even-Money bets the outstanding technique
There is a wide range of bets that is incorporated in Sic Bo with house edge varying from 2.78% to 30%. For players wishing to win substantial amount while playing Sic Bo, the main idea would be using the easiest even-money bets which comes along with a 505 chance of winning money without the house edge.

Knowing the best odds
Various live dealer casinos have different payouts. It is upon a player to look for a casino that pays much higher payout. Some casino may pay 180 to 1 while others pay 150 to 1. This can replicate to a huge payout difference. Players should not assume these odds. For smaller bets, the difference is not that big as some award odds of 62 to 1 while the least odds are basically 60 to 1.

Checking the Total Bets
Different odds come along with different total bets. For instance, a player placing bets on totals of 8 to 13 will have an accrued house edge of 12.50%. Those placing the totals odds from 7 to 14 will have their house edge accruing to 9.70%. The main idea here is going for the total odds that have a smaller house edge and in our case, 7 to 14 total odds is more preferable. This can be the best strategy to incorporate while playing live Sic Bo.

Avoid using Betting systems
For long people have tried to use betting systems while playing Sic Bo but the end results is always a negative one. This happens not only to this game but other casino games. They not only incur losses to players but also are very unproductive and a player would rather use his or her mind and instincts than incorporating betting strategy.

Big and small bets can earn some cash
Tactical betting can accrue a win in Live Sic Bo. Using both big and small bet or using other bets which pay on 1 to 1 can be a secure way to win some cash. However, it might take a long time to win huge amounts and renders a player losing the waiting patience. Making some amount will involve use of several bets including even-money. By doing so, one is guaranteed to have covered potential losses emanating from the most risky bets.

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