How To Play 3 Card Poker

Three Card Poker is a fast-paced poker variant that many casino goers enjoy. Three Card Poker quickly gained popularity and has become one of the world’s most well-known poker games. This 3-card poker table game is unique in that it is much easier to play than Five Card Draw and offers fast gameplay and a couple of bonus features.

three card poker

This article will provide a solid understanding of Three Card Poker, how to play it, and where to find the best poker games. And with that, let’s get started.

Three Card Poker Gameplay

Three Card Poker is a simple game to learn. The goal of this casino game is straightforward: make the best 3-card poker hand possible, beat the dealer, and collect a payout. While this table game includes the traditional Ante and Play bets, it also includes optional side bets such as the Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus bets.

When taking a seat at this table game, players will notice six different coloured chips, each with a different value. Every round, these chips are used to place bets. The minimum bet allowed in this table game is €1. (or currency equivalent). You can also double your bet.

  • Before dealing cards to the player and the dealer, the round begins with a player placing an Ante bet as the opening bet. During this time, players may also place additional side bets.
  • The dealer and the player each receive three cards, one face down and one face up.
  • Based on the strength of their hand, the player must decide whether to fold or play.
  • If the player folds, the Ante bet and side bets are still active.
  • If the player decides to play, they must place a second, Play wager equal to the Ante wager on the outcome of the hand.
  • To determine a winner, both opponents reveal their 3-card poker hand. Only a queen high-card or better can qualify the dealer.
  • If the dealer has a jack-high or worse 3-card poker hand and the player wins, the Ante wager is paid out 1:1 (even money), and the Play wager is returned.
  • If the dealer and the player have 3-card poker hands of equal rank, the dealer returns the Ante and Play bets.
  • All bets are lost if the dealer has a queen high card or, better, outranks the player’s hand.
  • All bets are paid out at events if the player’s hand outranks the dealer’s qualified hand.
  • The house edge is 3.37 per cent against the Ante alone.

Three Card Poker Rules

Players can place bets at the start of each round within a certain time frame. When this timer expires, the player and the dealer are dealt three cards, with the dealer’s cards face down.

The card values are ranked descendingly, with the king being the highest and the 2 being the lowest. The ace card can rank both high and low depending on the type of hand obtained. Three Card Poker poker hands differ slightly from Five Card Draw poker hands in that they include the mini royal, straight flush, three-of-a-kind, straight, flush, Pair, and high card. Because it is more difficult to obtain, the straight poker hand is more valuable than the flush in this case. The best three-card poker hand determines the winner, and a Pair Plus bet pays out if the hand has a pair or better.

There are several winning hands in the 6 Card Bonus bet. Players are paid if their hand, combined with the dealer’s, forms any of the following hands: royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, and three of a kind.

Step 1: Making a Bet

Most online casinos offer three types of betting options:

  • The ante bet is the first bet made in the hopes of forming the best poker hand. The house edge against the Ante alone is 3.37 per cent.
  • Pair Plus bet: This bet pays out if the player makes a pair or better. In this case, the dealer’s hand is irrelevant.
  • Bonus bet: Paid out if the dealer’s and player’s hands form a five-card hand with three of a kind or better.

Step 2: Dealing

The dealer and the player each receive three cards, one face down and one face up. The player’s goal is to beat the dealer’s 3-card poker hand.

Step 3: Play or Fold?

After receiving their cards, the player must decide how to proceed. They can choose to call or fold.

Step 4: Winning 3-Hand Poker Hands

The winner is determined after all hands are revealed. Only the dealer can win the round if they qualify with a queen high or better. Any hand lower than this results in an automatic win for the player. Otherwise, the player wins if their hand is better than the dealer.

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3-Card Poker and Rankings

Poker hand rankings are fairly simple. The winner is determined by the best three-card poker hand. As previously stated, the hands featured in Three Card Poker differ from those featured in Five Card Draw because classic poker is played with five cards, whereas Three Card Poker is played with three. The following is a complete list of the hand rankings, in descending order:

  • Mini Royal: A hand with the same suit’s ace, king, and queen.
  • Straight Flush: is a hand that contains three cards of the same suit with sequential values. Receiving a king, queen, and jack of spades, for example.
  • Three of a kind: A three-card hand with three cards of the same value. Receiving three fours, for example.
  • Straight: A hand with three consecutively valued cards, such as a five, six, and seven.
  • Flush: a hand that contains three cards of the same suit, such as three clubs.
  • Pair: a hand with two cards of equal value and one extra card. Receiving two fours and a five, for example.
  • High Card: Any hand not qualifying for any other combination is considered a high card. Receiving a six of clubs, a queen of hearts, and a five of diamonds.


What exactly is Three Card Poker?

Three Card Poker is a simple variant with fast-paced gameplay and additional side bets. Place Ante, Play, or Pair Plus bets for a chance to win by beating the dealer’s hand. If you’re lucky, you might get an Ante bonus payout and additional bonuses!

What is Three Card Poker?

To earn 3-card poker payouts, you must place an Ante wager and additional side bets if you want to raise the bar and try to beat the dealer’s hand. The Pair Plus bet pays out on a pair or better, while the 6 Card Bonus bet pays out on a five-card hand of three of a kind or better. Remember that 3-card poker hands are ranked differently, and the payouts may differ. For more information, see the 3-card poker rules.

What makes Three Card Poker unique?

This casino game adds a new twist to the classic poker game by providing fast-paced gameplay, ideal for players looking to push their limits. This game is a perennial favourite among poker players due to its quick rounds and live gameplay.

What kinds of bets are there in Three Card Poker?

Aside from the Ante bet, players can place additional side bets to raise the stakes to win a larger payout. These extra bonuses include the Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus wager.

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