Roulette Myths

For as long as anyone can remember, roulette has been one of the most popular games in the casino industry. This casino game was popular in many land-based casinos and has since spread to online casinos, where hundreds of thousands of variants have emerged.



Roulette has flourished over the years, with amazing gameplay that keeps casino players guessing. Although several variants have emerged due to online casinos, some roulette myths have also emerged, causing many misconceptions about the game we all know and love.

These misconceptions have prevented players from trying out this game, so we’re here to put those rumors to rest. 

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Roulette Is A Complete Strategy-Based Game

One of the ridiculous roulette myths is that roulette is entirely based on strategy and that using the right technique will result in a win. The roulette game is entirely based on chance. The objective of this table game is to guess which numbered pocket the ball will land on. There is no way to accurately predict a winning number unless you can see the future; otherwise, it is all up to chance. There may be a way to make a prediction based on which numbers the ball landed on in previous games and devise a strategy from there, but there is no sure-fire way to win.

There is Only One Type of Roulette

This game dates back to the 17th century and has only grown in popularity. As a result, it is a complete myth that there has only been one version of roulette. While the game’s overall goal has not changed, many different types of roulette have emerged over the years. It all began with French Roulette, followed by European and American Roulette. With the introduction of online casinos came the introduction of online roulette, such as Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette.

Each of these comes with its roulette table. For example, European Roulette has 37 numbered pockets, whereas American Roulette has 38 due to double zero. These roulette tables also differ slightly in terms of layout and house edge.

The house edge is lowest in French and European roulette. Because of the additional double-zero numbered pocket, American Roulette has a higher house advantage. Other variants’ roulette wheels may also differ.

All Roulette Versions Have the Same House Edge

As previously stated, different roulette variations have different roulette tables, wheels, and chances of winning. As a result, the house edge for different types of roulette may differ. The distinction between European and American roulette is a prime example of this. The American roulette wheel has 38 numbered pockets, one more than the European version. This additional number raises the house edge because players have fewer chances of winning.

Roulette Wheels Are Rigged

One of the most widespread misconceptions is that roulette wheels are rigged. This myth arose from popular movie scenes in which magnets are used to modify the wheel – but this is simply not true. No reputable casino, online or otherwise, would ever consider rigging the wheel because doing so could result in losing their entire gaming license. Earning a license is difficult, and the casino would not risk losing it. There may be casinos that try these scams, so checking the casino’s license before putting your money on it is recommended.

It is Possible to Beat the House Edge

Roulette is a game of chance, and the house edge varies depending on the version. However, some techniques and strategies you can use to turn the house edge in your favour, beating the house edge and winning the game every time are not possible.

The Dealer Can Control the Ball

Many players believe that the dealer has control over the ball because the dealer controls everything from the start of the game to the announcement of the winners. However, players’ belief that the dealer has some control over where the ball lands are simply illogical. The dealer cannot manipulate the ball to land on a specific number. Casinos take appropriate precautions to ensure the game is regulated, fair, and random with each spin.

There is some Pattern to Winning Numbers

Some so-called experts claim that you can use some winning number patterns to win every time. Unfortunately, this is completely false. Humans tend to see patterns and symbols in everything, but if you look closely at how this game works, you will notice that there are no biases. The most enjoyable part of the game is guessing the number, so claiming that there are winning patterns takes the fun out of it.

You Should Play the Same Type of Bet

This myth is widely spread on the internet because many players believe that if they win with one bet, they should stick with it on the next. Given that roulette is a game of chance, do you believe this is a viable strategy? If you win one bet, there is no guarantee of winning the same bet again. Because there is no absolute way of knowing where the ball will land, the only thing you could try is to experiment with bets. This may also assist you in determining your betting style.

If You Use the Right Strategy, You Can Beat Roulette

Poker and blackjack are skill-based games in that you can use specific techniques to help you make better decisions. Some people believe they can use this way of thinking to try to beat the wheel by observing previous round winners. Because roulette is entirely based on chance, there is no right or wrong strategy to employ. Remember, as with all casino games; no technique can guarantee a winning outcome. They may increase your chances of winning, but don’t expect them to guarantee your victory.

Roulette was Inspired by the Devil

There are many interesting rumours about how the devil inspired roulette because it is considered a bad activity. Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, invented roulette in the mid-17th century. Some say he was inspired by the devil when creating this game because the sum of all the roulette wheel numbers equals 666 – the supposed number of the devil. Is it true that the devil inspired it? No. It is said that Blaise was attempting to build the perpetual motion machine when he failed and accidentally invented roulette.

Your Last Performance Can Help You with Your Next Bet

You will be greatly mistaken if you believe your previous victory will help you win the next round. This is just one of the game’s many flaws, and there is no link between your previous and subsequent performances. A common misconception is that if a specific colour or number appears in one round, it will not appear in the next. Some people believe that if the last five digits are black, they have a low chance of making it to the next round. This can lead to rash decisions and uncalculated moves, resulting in you losing money. Roulette is a random game with equal chances of any number appearing in the next round.

Hedging the Board is Possible

Some experienced players who have worked through various bet types believe they can effectively hedge positions if they make different bets in each spin. You cannot reduce the house edge; this technique may be useful in certain spins but should not be relied on.

Martingale is a Good Strategy

If you’ve been playing this game for a while, you’ve probably heard of the Martingale strategy. Essentially, this strategy entails doubling your bet after each loss in the previous round. Simply put, the Martingale strategy entails doubling your bet when you lose. This may work in other platforms, such as trading, but it is impossible in roulette because chasing losses is never a good idea. Many beginners use this technique under pressure from so-called experts and end up bankrupt. You should not believe everything you hear.

Sticking to One Type of Bet is Useful

If you win a round with a single bet, it’s entirely due to chance. No “magic bet” will ensure your victory every time. If you base your next decision on the last bet you placed, the chances of winning are 50/50 – either you win or you don’t. Your previous wager has no bearing on your next win. Remember that roulette offers a variety of betting options, each with an equal chance of winning. You can try different bets, but nothing guarantees success.

You Can’t Win on Roulette

Surprisingly, some people believe they can’t win big. Although some factors prevent you from receiving a payout, you may still win a sizable sum. For example, in European Roulette, you have a one in 37 chance of getting a 36x multiplier, which means that if you bet €100, you will win €3600.

Roulette has Have Lucky Numbers

The basic idea behind roulette is that you can win or lose by betting on a single number or a range of numbers. The issue arises when people begin to believe that this game contains lucky numbers that, if followed, will guarantee a win. This is a dangerous roulette myth because every number on the table has an equal chance of winning.

Spins are Connected

Nothing in roulette is rigged, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. It is impossible to predict which number will win the following round. Some players may attempt to connect one round to the next, believing that the outcome of one round will affect the outcome of the next. The numbered pocket in which the ball lands is and always will be completely random.

Losing Streak Means, You Should Quit

Most people believe you should stop playing if you go on a losing streak, which eliminates the possibility of being more profitable in the next round. Though it is always advised to gamble responsibly, just because you lose a few spins does not mean you will not have a chance to win the next. Because this is a fast-paced game, it is critical to set gambling limits. If you play at an online casino, you can use their money management systems and set daily limits to keep yourself from gambling too much.

Strategy Doesn’t Matter at All

Strategies may not directly assist you in winning, but they may sometimes play a role. As previously stated, no strategies can guarantee a win, but that doesn’t mean you should bet recklessly without a plan. Strategies assist you in identifying your limits and making more informed decisions. Spreading bets, for example, maybe more beneficial than placing a single bet on a single number.


Roulette can be thought of as a combination of chance and skill. Those who claim to have mastered the art of this game are mistaken because while some techniques may increase your chances of success, there is no sure-fire technique that will help you earn a profit every time you spin. Always gamble responsibly, especially when playing roulette. When playing online, it may be beneficial to use a money management system to help keep your gambling in check when taking a seat at any roulette table.

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