Blackjack variations that are worth checking out!

Blackjack is one of the biggest and most played casino games in the world today. The great thing about blackjack is that it’s so easy to grasp and it offers so many ways of playing the thrilling game of 21. Live Casino Reports have caught wind of this trend and they too have begun to offer different types of blackjack games and it’s all at the tip of your finger wherever you are.

blackjack variations

This article lists what we consider to be the top types of blackjack variation that are said to be very entertaining by gamblers worldwide, whether you’re a newbie or a regular thrill-seeker, we are here for you. These easy-to-master plays have a limitless earning possibility for anyone who is able to use the rules to their benefit.

This list is going to confirm just how multifaceted the blackjack game truly is – ready to get started?

Pontoon Packs a British Punch

Pontoon is what subjects of the Queen refer to as Blackjack – yes, this is the game of blackjack with a famous British twist. Blackjack and Pontoon share quite a few similarities and share a common origin, however, there are differences. The most significant one is that when playing in a casino, you are allowed to see one of the cards before placing your bets, which ultimately adds a layer of excitement and risk that many players enjoy. Pontoon, on the other hand, has a British tweak which will be further revealed later on.

How do you play?
In Pontoon, every player is dealt one card. After each person has received their first card, they have to place bets on that card. After that, everyone receives their second cards and then the usual standard blackjack rules apply, except that the terms are slightly different. Instead of hitting, you twist. If a play has a higher hand than the dealer that is an immediate win. If a player has at least five cards, their winnings are doubled – this is the added bonus that have got many people talking about pontoon.

Want to sweep up the crown-jewels value in cash? Don’t be afraid to give pontoon a try.

Blackjack Switch is 21 with a Twist

This is one of the newer versions of Blackjack since it was recently invented in 2009. It is actually quite surprising that there are still people coming up with new ways of playing blackjack in this century, but we are totally here for it. Blackjack switch may be new but its popularity is catching on across the world and in virtual spaces. Unlike regular blackjack, players get to work with two hands instead of one and then cards are swapped after the first bets are placed. Apart from that it is played similar to regular blackjack but adds a different thrilling edge to the tables.

How do you play?
Players place their bets after the first cards are dealt at the beginning of the game. This indicates the decks that they will work with. Once the bets are placed, they decide which cards to switch. A practical example would be if a player had an Ace/ 4 in their left hand and a 10/5 in the other hand, they could switch the pairs up and have an ace/10 pairing with a 5/4 pairing.

A penalty can be used to balance things out, even though this might have sounded a little too good to be true. Once the player has placed a bet, the blackjack will return. If the dealer holds 23 or more, they bust. If it’s a 22 that becomes a push for the players, no matter what they have in their hands.

Blackjack Switch is definitely worth a try, as it’s a fresh and fairly new variant that’s sure to get your pulse racing.

Double Exposure Blackjack is one for the pros

Double Exposure Blackjack is popular amongst more serious blackjack players. The sort that bet the house, all in the name of going big or go home. Considering that this has better odds compared to other variations of the game, it shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. Consequently, most casinos refuse to allow this type of blackjack seeing as they make more profit when players don’t win as much. Any time you get an opportunity to play Double Exposure Blackjack grab with both hands, it doesn’t happen often.

There is a reason as to why this game is barred by many leading casinos and it isn’t by sheer chance. This game carries just too much risk and exposure on the house’s front, something that we all love to see.

How do you play?
The game starts off pretty much the same way normal blackjack starts, using multiple decks. In the typical blackjack players can’t see each other’s cards but in this version they can, before bets are placed of course. This gives the players a significant upper hand who can then move strategically with the information they have.

Due to this advantage, players are not allowed to use multiple splits, insurance, or surrenders during the game. The dealer always asks for soft 17s. It may seem that players are unmasked but it’s not necessarily the case, there is no edge for the house in this type of blackjack. You can see why this game appeals to serious players.

With many typical rules of regular blackjack stripped away, it presents a new style of interesting challenges. Double Exposure Blackjack with its high thrills and low risk is the game for those thrill-seekers who don’t mind spending a little to raise the stakes and earn big rewards.

Bonus Blackjack is big on the bonus action

There are striking similarities between this version and the also well-known variant Buster Blackjack, seeing as its outstanding characteristic is the side bet players are allowed to place. There’s a greater expectation of a player’s ability to reach a blackjack in this version of the game. Most professionals and card counters prefer this version because only two decks are used. Allowing side bets and only using two decks increases the stakes and adds a new twist to the typical game of blackjack.

How do you play?
Keep in mind that all side bets need to be placed before the first cards are dealt, thankfully no need to memorize any obscure rules here as a result. If you anticipate a win, you could add the side bet. Even if the dealer gets a blackjack and you get it in cards, the game will still play out. The amount depends on the casino. Suited blackjacks pay more than the ones that are not. It could be as high as 25:1 sometimes. You could still lose the bet if you don’t get the blackjack. This is why more experienced players choose this version of the game often and will actually go as far as to hunt it down both online and offline.

You should definitely consider taking part in some Bonus Blackjack games, skilled players enjoy it quite a lot. It may not quench the thirst of a thrill-seeker but it certainly has its own unique flavor compared to the standard version of live blackjack that is promoted here, there, and everywhere.

Double Attack Blackjack is double the fun

Depending on the casino, this can be called Double Blackjack or Double-Attack Blackjack. Both of which is a spinoff of Spanish 21, which was originally derived from Blackjack. This version originates from Atlantic City and is now popular in casinos across the United States. Players are allowed to surrender whenever they want to and they can double their bets after seeing the dealer’s first card.

There are several variations of blackjack that feature the term double in the name, too many to count actually, but generally, they fail to deliver what’s expected. Double Attack Blackjack certainly isn’t one of those variations. You’ll find that the freshened-up ruleset really does deliver double the fun.

How do you play?
The 10 card is not added in any of the decks, seeing as the game originates from Spanish 21. The main aim of the game is the same as the standard form of blackjack, which is to hit 21 or beat the dealer’s total. Whichever card the dealer shows first is their up card and that’s where they can place their Double Attack bet if they are feeling lucky at the moment.

Additionally, gamblers can double their bets or surrender, it’s totally their call. This adds a different and interesting element to the way the game is played. Maintaining its Spanish flair throughout, Double Attack Blackjack is the game to play for anyone that wants to test their limit. As the saying goes, fortune favors the brave in the world of blackjack, so you might want to give this game a go.

Chinese Blackjack promises Far East fun

This version is most popular in China and nearly all Asian casinos offer it. It works wonders on bringing in Chinese high rollers that’s for sure. From the outside, it resembles regular blackjack but once you get into it, you’ll learn soon enough that it’s different. You can’t expect anything compared to European or American blackjack on this table, it’s got the Far East smack about it undoubtedly.

Although, we will give a word of warning about Chinese blackjack, expect this game to carry plenty of competition. Asian players will crowd the tables at both offline and online casinos, so it can be hard to get a seat, and when you do, expect the competition to be fierce. Players that love the thrill of pushing players out of the game will get an extra kick out of this variation.

How do you Play?
The Asian twist on this version cannot be ignored at all, it’s quite evident, despite the fact that it starts off as another typical blackjack game. All the players get 2 cards, and that’s as far as the similarity with the typical game goes. Two aces equal an instant win and all the collections that go with a win. Aces are flexible in carrying different values in the Chinese blackjack. Depending on the situation, dealers are free to hit or stand when they see the need for it.

New rules, new strategies with more complexities in the game structure, the Chinese blackjack has definitely turned the typical blackjack all the way around. Delivering a multiplex layer of blackjack that is both intriguing and intoxicating for first-time players all over the world.

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Who’s ready for some blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, casino game in the world today – and for good reason. Experienced players love it because it offers plenty of strategic elements, while casual players will love its pick-up and play style. That being said, don’t think that this famous game begins and ends with just the classic format of blackjack, as that certainly isn’t the case. Blackjack variants are vast and wide, ranging from the technical to the simple and everything in between.

Above, we’ve broken down several major variations of blackjack, but don’t think the fun ends there. Give these game variations and try and don’t be afraid to try something new in the world of blackjack – odds are your bank balance will thank you for it.

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